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One Shameful Police Episode Should Be A Wake-Up Call To Americans

One Shameful Police Episode Should Be A Wake-Up Call To Americans

UK Police

Protests over the murder of George Floyd has led to violent upheaval.

Rioting and looting has spread across America and leaped across the Pond.

And one shameful police episode should be a wake-up call to Americans.

The death of George Floyd has been used as a pretense for radical leftists to further their political goals.

That became abundantly clear when extremist groups like Antifa were caught inciting violence.

It’s why Antifa was finally designated a terrorist organization.

But further proof that radicals are exploiting Floyd’s death is that protests have now spread to the United Kingdom.

Most people in the UK couldn’t find Minnesota on a map, yet they’re rioting in the streets of London to “honor” his death.

The bitter truth is that leftists in western societies are ascendant and they’re getting close to achieving critical mass if they haven’t already.

Once that happens, an ugly cultural revolution could be upon us.

We’re seeing warnings of it now: films and television shows guilty of “wrongthink” are literally being canceled and people are being fired for social media posts and text messages from years ago.

The UK protests served as a warning to America when the police were essentially forced to run away.

A senior editor for Sky News gleefully tweeted, “Police seek refuge inside the Foreign Office after clashing with protesters following the arrest of a man.”

He also tweeted his support for the cause.

So a well regarded member of the press is actively cheering on radical protests while police officers tuck tail and run.

Many police officers in London do not have guns, so they’re almost like sitting ducks in a crowd.

Leftists in America are making a hard push to abolish the Second Amendment, so American police officers would be equally denuded.

And police retreat is slowly happening.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey essentially surrendered a police precinct to the mob and they torched it.

Back in London, statues of Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill were defaced by radical leftists.

This is another tell-tale sign their motives are simply destruction.

Democrats and their media allies try to pretend that Antifa are simply a noble group of anti-fascists because that’s what their name means.

They go as far as to compare Antifa members to American soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

However, they deface Churchill, one of the men most responsible for the defeat of the Nazis.

And the supposed antiracists deface Lincoln, the Great Emancipator.

These are stark examples of the leftist mob lying about their intentions.

They want to burn down the entire system, and they use grievances of various left-wing groups with the same goal.

There’s nothing romantic or noble about that.

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