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A Serious Threat To Security Could Be Coming To The U.S. Soon

A Serious Threat To Security Could Be Coming To The U.S. Soon

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 America’s freedoms are taking flak like never seen before.

Oppressive governments around the globe are giving Americans a sneak preview of what happens if our freedoms collapse.

Now one serious threat to security could be coming to the U.S. soon.

The surveillance state has been growing without the population realizing it.

Multiple agencies under the Obama administration were caught spying.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied about surveillance at the NSA.

Former CIA Director John Brennan was caught spying on members of Congress.

And former FBI Director James Comey oversaw the Bureau spying on Donald Trump’s campaign.

As frightening as these violations of privacy are, another surveillance threat is on the horizon.

Facial recognition software is already in use, but it hasn’t yet been fully weaponized by the state.

But China is already spying on its citizens in a terrifying way, and it’s only getting worse.

China has developed a new “super camera” that can simultaneously use facial recognition software on thousands of faces scattered in a crowd.

Current surveillance cameras don’t have the capability to render facial data on thousands of people at once, but the 500-megapixel super camera is able to do so.

It doesn’t take much to envision how nightmarish this could be in the hands of an authoritarian government like the Chinese.

The quasi-communist state already uses a social credit system to determine how freely people can move throughout the country.

Even Chinese nationals in America are surveilled for fear they might renounce their citizenship and speak ill of the Communist Party.

China will be a test case in how authoritarian governments can use artificial intelligence and mass surveillance to control an entire population.

This should be of particular concern to Americans because Google is working alongside the Chinese government.

Google has amassed an insane amount of power, so it’s chilling that they would use their power to work with an authoritarian regime.

One of the projects Google is working on is “smart cities,” which will essentially be cities where everything can be tracked digitally.

If you’ve read one science fiction novel or have watched one dystopic movie, you can imagine how this will go horribly wrong.

Worse yet, China is already exerting control on craven American businesses.

Entities like the NBA completely bent the knee to the Chinese government simply because one team GM tweeted support for the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

American celebrities who are typically vocal on social issues suddenly went quiet on the issue of Hong Kong.

Many businesses did the same.

There’s no telling how nightmarish China will become with its super-surveillance.

And American leftists who think free speech is “problematic” can’t wait to get their hands on this technology so they can control the population.

Right to privacy is an incredibly important right – and once it’s gone, the state will be able to use any justification to spy on you.

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