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One Senator Told The Shocking Truth About Mask Mandates

One Senator Told The Shocking Truth About Mask Mandates

Rand Paul

The Wuhan virus continues to hold the entire world hostage.

Pro-lockdown officials are using the virus as a pretext for a host of terrible policies.

But one senator told the shocking truth about mask mandates.

Senator Rand Paul is not afraid to stake out unpopular positions.

He caught flak from the so-called mainstream media for asking basic questions about voter irregularities.

He’s routinely gone after the neocon foreign policy establishment.

Now he’s questioning Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health officials that are enforcing COVID tyranny.

Americans have been scolded to “listen to the science,” but the scientists aren’t taking their own advice.

That prompted Paul to call out the true purpose of the coronavirus policies such as mask mandates.

During an interview, Paul said, “If Fauci has his way, you’ll never give up on the mask…It’s all about submission. They want you to submit to their will, whether there’s any science.”

Multiple studies have questioned the efficacy of masks, but that hasn’t stopped Fauci and other pro-lockdown officials from insisting on masks at all times.

America is one of the most mask-compliant countries in the world, so clearly masks aren’t the main issue with regard to stopping the virus.

Paul continued:

“In fact, like, on schools, I’ve been telling Fauci for six months, the evidence is that if you open schools, you will not get a surge. The whole world accepts it, except for Dr. Fauci. He finally accepted it last week, six months after I started showing him the evidence.”

And there is no evidence that suggests schools should remain closed. Children are by far the least vulnerable population to the virus and are not considered super spreaders for it.

Kids are also suffering significant setbacks in terms of education and development because of the draconian lockdowns.

Children need to be in schools, but the “follow the science” crowd is ignoring the science when it’s politically expedient.

The teachers’ unions are using COVID as an excuse to negotiate.

Some teachers’ unions have set conditions for school reopenings such as divestment from police departments as part of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

Senator Paul was scolded for pushing back against the establishment narrative on COVID, but it turned out he was right.

Many doctors and politicians have been rebuked or flat-out censored for going against the grain only to be proven correct down the road.

For example, months ago, Fauci told the American people that masks were ineffective, then later changed his story and said he lied to ensure frontline workers got the equipment first.

If a doctor had challenged Fauci at that time, they would’ve been dismissed as a crank.

Pro-lockdown officials have shown absolutely no desire to relinquish the control they’ve seized due to the virus.

The only way citizens will get back their rights is if they speak up against the shameless power grab.

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