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What Obama’s Muslim Utopia Will Look Like (Women, Beware!)

What Obama’s Muslim Utopia Will Look Like (Women, Beware!)

It’s abundantly clear to anyone with a shred objectivity that there is a strain of people who identify as Muslim who live to hurt people, especially women.

Europe seems to just now be getting this clue which is causing some interesting problems as sane people (obviously not politicians) are trying to prepare for what looks like may be an inevitable conflict. (hat tip to here for the story)

For example, writes,

“Austrians are arming themselves at record rates in an effort to defend their households against feared attacks from Muslim invaders.” and

“And those arming themselves are primarily women.”

Why the fear? Because:

“ISIS-trained jihadists are now returning as European citizens or they are trying to infiltrate as migrants. In one propaganda video an ISIS operative informs his comrades back home in Germany to slit the throats of unbelievers in Germany, Czech TV reports.”

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So, we have average Europeans, especially women, who desperately want to defend themselves from an onslaught that they see coming. And Obama wants to bring hundreds of thousands of these refugees here.

Get prepared. Learn how to defend yourself, and teach your wives and children how to shoot and otherwise defend themselves. Not all of these refugees will be militant Muslims, but it doesn’t take many to ruin the lives of many individuals. Make the life that is ruined theirs when they bring the conflict.

How have you gotten prepared? Tell us below.

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