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Scientists Are Admitting Something Deeply Frightening About the Coronavirus

Scientists Are Admitting Something Deeply Frightening About the Coronavirus


The coronavirus hasn’t yet shown signs of slowing down.

Confirmed cases and death totals are on the rise each day.

And now researchers are admitting something deeply frightening about the coronavirus.

Carnage from the coronavirus (now dubbed COVID-19) that originated in Wuhan, China continues to swell.

Health officials have revised the number of confirmed cases to north of 75,000, and the death toll has reached at least 2,012.

But the deeply frightening aspect of the coronavirus is the pall of silence over the pandemic.

The ruling Communist Party of China ran with the narrative that an open seafood market in Wuhan was responsible for the outbreak.

The party line is that bat soup was the cause of patient zero’s infection, and it spread from there.

However, respected researchers and epidemiologists in China are now saying COVID-19 was likely man-made.

Many reputable publications are reporting on the story, yet the New York Times, Washington Post, and other leftist American rags are sadly—but unsurprisingly—carrying water for the Communist Party of China.

The Times and Post are ostensibly doing this in order to take a shot at Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who’s been out in front on the issue.

Cotton presented evidence before Congress that several of the original infected patients did not cross paths with the seafood market.

What’s even more embarrassing for the Times and the Post is that China’s lone level-4 biohazard research lab is right across the street from the alleged seafood market.

One would think that journalists’ alarm bells would be going off, and they would question the veracity of the bat soup cover story.

But the opposite happened.

The Times and the Post said Cotton’s theory had been “debunked.”

The only basis for that is the Chinese government, and they are notorious for lying in order to save face.

China has an authoritarian stranglehold on the country, but if the people get fed up enough with the party, the regime could be in trouble.

That’s why the Chinese are working in overdrive to suppress the story.

They’ve also enacted strict quarantine protocols and doused large portions of cities in unknown chemicals.

There’s a lot still unknown about the genesis of COVID-19, but the massive lab harboring deadly pathogens might be a good place to start.

Information has been hard to come by because of the government’s heavy hand.

One citizen journalist and one salesman who recorded a video of body bags in vans have both mysteriously gone missing.

And the doctor who first sounded the alarm on COVID-19 was forced to walk back his statement.

Sadly, he succumbed to the virus not long after.

Senator Cotton was right not to trust the party line given by the Chinese.

Until Chinese officials start telling the truth about the outbreak and providing more transparency, there’s no telling how bad this pandemic will get.

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