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Scientist Says One Bit of Legislation Would Trigger a Nationwide Disaster

Scientist Says One Bit of Legislation Would Trigger a Nationwide Disaster

Green New Deal

Leftists refuse to acknowledge their failed ideas won’t work.

In this face of stark evidence, they double down on the same policies and get the same results.

Now one scientist is calling out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for one piece of legislation that he says could lead to a natural disaster

New York freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the fresh face of the Democratic Party.

The unabashed socialist is probably the most recognizable Democrat in politics, and the so-called moderates in the party are incapable of reining her in.

It’s terrifying that Nancy Pelosi now represents the sensible wing of the party.

No matter how many embarrassing gaffes Ocasio-Cortez commits, the mainstream media cover for her.

The clearest example of this is how the media treated her Green New Deal proposal.

The Green New Deal is the definition of full-scale communism; Karl Marx would’ve swooned over the harebrained resolution.

Despite the deal’s zany proposals—eliminating air travel, all fossil fuels, and farting cows to name a few—the media didn’t take her to task.

Some mainstream outlets harped on language that said a living wage would be provided for people “unwilling to work.”

While that specific point is ludicrous, the larger story is that the Green New Deal is the most un-American piece of legislation ever put forward.

It would render the constitution irrelevant and lead to untold deaths.

Patrick Moore, an ecologist, and co-founder of GreenPeace, called out Ocasio-Cortez when the media shirked their responsibilities.

Moore is obviously right.

She has no plan for anything.

She’s merely a puppet for a far-left organization called the Justice Democrats, whose co-founder Saikat Chakrabarti doubles as her campaign manager, which has triggered FEC ethics probes.

Nevertheless, Ocasio-Cortez’s catastrophic proposal is being taken seriously by the left.

Every Democrat running for president endorsed the insane Green New Deal.

On top of the mass death the deal would cause, it would also cost at least $93 trillion.

Moore wasn’t done going after Ocasio-Cortez.

He called her out for hypocrisy on her own carbon footprint.

Ocasio-Cortez, a former bartender, is nestling comfortably into the role of champagne socialist.

She now lives in a posh D.C. apartment, and excuses her massive carbon footprint simply living in “the world as it is.”

This is how eco-warriors like Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio justify globetrotting in private jets.

Gore was so concerned about rising sea levels, he recently bought a beachfront home in San Diego.

The Democrats like to think of themselves as the party of science, but they reject any science that doesn’t fit into their progressive stack.

That’s why Moore left GreenPeace years ago; he became disgusted with the organization being overrun by far-left ideologues.

It’s gotten so bad, all environmental alarmism must be viewed with skepticism.

It’s become an industry unto itself.

Ocasio-Cortez wants to be an oligarch.

She envisions herself as the “boss” who’s going to tell everyone else how to live while enjoying her spoils.

Meanwhile, everyone else suffers greatly.

People like her are why prepping is a necessity.

If she and her socialist contingent seize too much power, it’s wise to be ready when you-know-what hits the fan.



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  • There are times when, as my grandfather used to say, “Billy, you need to keep your gawd damn mouth shut”. Where is simpleton AO Cortex is concerned, my friends, I’d suggest she never aging say one word to anyone as long as she’s alive

  • Spot On Maddog, cortez is a complete useless dip shit, please excuse my french , but she and the likes of her need to be taken out to the woodshed..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean what a stupid moronic POS this ugly bonehead is..!!!!!

  • It is early am and it is hard for me to even hear this losers name, but the only hope we have for our Republic is to remove asswipes like this cortez MORON from office. They are a true cancer to our country and I am concerned that we even have brain dead little shits that are so confused to have actually voted her greasy arse into office…..Jesus H C we are headed in the wrong direction..!!! Help Us God..!!!

  • AOC has not a clue as to what she is talking about … I wonder just how good a bartender she was to begin with ? I say she has SCHIT for Brains !

  • 431128 749938Id have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment! 986552

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