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Scary News About The Coronavirus Is Being Hidden From the Public

Scary News About The Coronavirus Is Being Hidden From the Public

The coronavirus is on the rampage across the globe.

The fast spread of the pandemic worldwide has health officials scrambling.

Meanwhile, scary news about the coronavirus is being hidden from the public.

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China has spread to all corners of the globe and the number of confirmed cases has surpassed 93,000 with 3,200 deaths.

But scary news about the virus isn’t being talked about.

The official story is that Iran has experienced 388 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 34 deaths.

However, a whistleblower at an Iranian hospital claims that officials in the country are lying about the actual number of cases.

When the whistleblower first came forward, the death toll hadn’t yet been boosted; officials said only 3 people in the country had died.

The coronavirus mortality rate in Iran is approaching 10%, which is significantly higher than in other countries.

But the Iranian whistleblower said the crisis is “catastrophic” and the actual death rate is closer to 50-60%.

If that’s the case, then the coronavirus might be deadlier than anticipated.

The numbers coming out of Iran are all over the place.

Another report said that 8% of Iran’s parliament has contracted coronavirus and one government official has already died.

This just goes to show how little we know about the coronavirus—which is made worse by lack of transparency from governments.

Similar to Iran, Chinese officials have also been deeply dishonest about the virus.

The Communist Party of China is more concerned with saving face than being forthright about the origins of coronavirus or its actual death toll.

Because we have so little information about the virus, it makes combating it all the more difficult.

Supposedly, China knew about the coronavirus back in November, but the Chinese doctor who originally sounded the alarm on the issue was forced by the government to retract his statement.

Tragically, he died from the coronavirus not long after.

Also, two Chinese journalists were spirited away – presumably by the communist government –for reporting on the coronavirus.

China does not want the truth out there, which could be that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan’s level-four biohazard lab and not the seafood market across the street.

The lack of transparency from China has only made the worldwide health crisis worse.

Quarantine protocols cannot be properly established because health officials aren’t sure how long the incubation period lasts.

Some scientists have said the incubation period could be as long as 24 days, which would make quarantine efforts thus far useless.

As health officials scavenge for answers, take steps in your own personal life to protect yourself.

Stock up on supplies and prepare to hunker down if need be.

It’s still early in the process, so there’s a lot to juggle in a small amount of time.

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