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Scary Murder Statistic: Will This Happen To You?

Scary Murder Statistic: Will This Happen To You?

The media would have you think that the murder rate is highest among gun-toting Americans with a (healthy) distrust of government, and, if they were referring to people who acquired their guns through means of questionable legality (gangs and criminals), then they might have a point. However, what the media neglects to tell is the true context worldwide. The fact of the matter is:

You have a 1-in-10 chance of being killed (murdered) by a government.

Granted, those are worldwide statistics, but why would we think that we are safer in the long-term here in the U.S. when our government is doing more and more to us and without our consent?

What people need to realize is that, historically, governments tend to get worse until they are overthrown (and, sometimes, not even better then) at which point they start the slow progression towards oppression which typically culminates with the killing of huge parts of the population that they are supposed to be protecting.

Want examples? How about Mao in China or Stalin in the Soviet Union or the Native Americans here in the United States?

The smart thing to do is to be prepared, to be ready so that you can disappear and protect yourself and your family.

So, in light of this, what are your best suggestions on how to disappear quickly and safely? Tell us below.

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