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How Your Rights Could Be Trampled Under One Scary Government Takeover

How Your Rights Could Be Trampled Under One Scary Government Takeover

Government Takeover

One terrifying threat for any citizen is government tyranny.

The United States has done a better job than all other nations in protecting the rights of the individual.

But your rights could be trampled during one scary government takeover.

Martial law is a frightening possibility that seems to become more real with each passing day.

Under martial law, the government has the authority to take over local law enforcement duties and can suspend certain rights.

During events such as natural disasters, the government may exercise broad powers that can trample over American citizens’ freedoms.

In the midst of Hurricane Katrina, law enforcement confiscated guns from New Orleans residents.

Executive orders issued by John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have expanded the undefined powers of federal agencies such as FEMA.

For instance, EO 10998 issued by Kennedy gave FEMA the power to seize local farms during an emergency.

Carter issued EO 12148, which requires FEMA to work with state and local officials to “stimulate vigorous participation by the private sector.”

That means your property could be rationed based on the whims of the government.

It’s not just FEMA.

Several agencies, such as the IRS, were militarized during Obama’s presidency.

The size and scope of government is growing at a startling pace.

One can imagine a scenario where the justification for martial law begins to expand in proportion with the federal government.

Under martial law, a curfew will very likely be instituted and enforced by the military.

That means you’re no longer free to move how you want.

This also affects a right to assembly and free speech.

Speaking out could have serious consequences and civil liberties will take a back seat to government expedience in the moment.

Martial law is a direct threat to the First and Second Amendments, which an increasing number of people on the left feel are outdated as it is.

Progressive presidents like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded the government in alarming ways.

Since the dawn of the progressive era in the early 20th century, the income tax has gone from non-existent to as high as 39.6%.

There are also kinds of hidden taxes people don’t even realize they’re paying.

Wilson imprisoned people for speaking out against the war effort, and FDR confiscated gold and made it illegal for farmers to grow certain crops.

These government expansions by the left have brought us to present day where there are so many federal laws, the actual number is incalculable.

As the 2020 election approaches, more and more instances of radical left extremist violence are occurring.

Several ICE facilities have been attacked and companies that work with immigration officials have been openly threatened.

The so-called mainstream media is largely silent on this violence, which only encourages more of it.

As the radical left goes unchecked, it’s law-abiding gun owners who are deemed the real threat.

This overheated political climate is leading to a situation where complete chaos in the streets and a form of martial law seem almost inevitable.

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