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This Rising Threat Should Have You on High Alert

This Rising Threat Should Have You on High Alert


The United States faces many difficult challenges.

Several geopolitical threats would love nothing more than to see America fall.

But there’s one particular ascending threat that should have you concerned.

Globalism is a problem every American should have an eye on.

Free trade is a wonderful thing that provides an economic boon to the country, but one-sided trade deals have hurt certain American sectors.

Donald Trump is attempting to level the playing field.

But the true threat of globalism comes in more insidious forms, all orchestrated by leftists.

First, leftists decry the concept of nationalism.

They treat it like a four-letter word instead of simply prioritizing one’s own nation before others.

That’s not odious, but practical.

A person must care for his own family before someone else’s, even if he or she deeply cares for both.

This idea of putting the world before America has been a central theme of leftist thought since Karl Marx introduced the idea of international communism.

In order for that to happen, America must be toppled from within.

Radical leftists have been undertaking this stated goal for decades.

One of the ideas cooked up by incrementalist socialists in the west was the idea of collapsing capitalist countries by overwhelming them with a bloated bureaucracy.

This has obviously come to fruition.

The federal government has become unwieldy and overextended, and we’re $22 trillion in debt as a result.

Next, the left is completely incoherent on foreign policy.

The globalists claim Trump is a fascist, yet they rip him for wanting to untangle America from foreign wars and bring home the troops.

They also chastised him for not seeing the value in NATO, whose original mandate has long expired.

Furthermore, the globalists are pushing hard for open borders.

Unfettered immigration is another way to collapse the state, and globalists seemingly welcome it.

The migrant crisis has been a disaster for Europe, and governments were slow to act.

They brought in too many people to quickly and didn’t assimilate them properly.

There are similar actions happening in America on the southern border with illegal immigration reaching record highs.

The mayor of Yuma, Arizona was forced to take Trump’s lead and declare a state of emergency because his city does not have the resources to deal with the overwhelming number of illegal aliens.

ICE agents have also warned of being incapable of handling the waves of illegal aliens flowing in.

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The Democrats refuse to act, and their leftist allies are intentionally exacerbating the problem.

Open borders activists have been funding and aiding migrant caravans traveling from Central America.

These same globalists were pushing for Trump to remain in the disastrous Paris Climate Accord, which would’ve stifled the American economy.

Globalist shills pointed to the fact that several corporations were in favor of the accord as proof that the accord was an economic winner.

But they missed the fact that these companies would’ve been the beneficiaries of crony capitalism where the government picks winners and losers, and makes it incredibly difficult for smaller companies to compete.

In order for the globalists to be successful, they must undermine America.

This is a dangerous proposition, and survivalists should be on high alert.

Every expansionist action the globalists undertake puts American freedom at risk.

Make sure you’re prepared to handle an economic collapse if it comes.

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