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One Rising Threat Is Putting All Americans In Serious Jeopardy

One Rising Threat Is Putting All Americans In Serious Jeopardy


American freedom is at major risk.

Geopolitical opponents are working overtime to weaken the country.

But one domestic threat is putting all Americans in serious jeopardy.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), an American nonprofit organization, released an annual report that has chilling results.

According to a survey conducted by VOC, millennials’ favorability toward socialism and communism are on the rise.

More than one in three millennials (36%) have a favorable view of communism, up 8% from 2018.

Among millennials, 70% of them said they are likely to vote socialist, and the percentage of millennials who said they were “extremely likely” to vote socialist doubled since last year.

But even more harrowing, 66% of Americans cannot accurately define socialism, and 10% of Generation Z (22 and under) believe Donald Trump is responsible for more deaths and human rights than Hitler or Stalin.

These results show just how pervasive leftist indoctrination has become.

Decades of propaganda have turned American universities into socialist breeding grounds.

While universities have always been tilted to the left, Marxists have completely taken over and are hiding the truth about communism, as evidenced by the fact that only 28% of respondents knew that communism is responsible for 100 million deaths around the world in peace time.

This has serious ramifications for the country.

These programmed leftists are spreading their terrible ideas beyond the university, so kids are being fed propaganda before they even get to college.

The effect of this is that millennials and Generation Z do not believe in constitutional freedoms.

They’re more than willing to repeal the First and Second Amendments.

And because they haven’t been taught honest history, they don’t know that communist regimes first take away gun rights and freedom of expression rights.

The easiest way for a tyrannical government to deprive the citizenry of their rights is for the people to give up their rights voluntarily.

This is exactly what our disastrous educational system is doing.

It’s teaching young people that freedom is a bad thing.

For example, only 57% of millennials believe the Declaration of Independence better guarantees freedom than the Communist Manifesto.

What leftists have done to the country is criminal.

That’s why it’s important to stand up for First and Second Amendment rights before zombified millennials have a chance to give them away.

It doesn’t take much research to see the devastation caused by socialist policies.

This murderous doctrine led to genocide and starvation in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba and other places around the world.

The most frustrating irony of all is that these communist regimes committed all of the atrocities that American leftists say they hate.

You don’t even have to reach into the past.

Venezuela is currently a failed socialist state that’s resulted in some citizens eating zoo animals because they are starving to death.

Meanwhile, useful idiots in the West defend the country’s horrifying policies.

The truth of communism must be exposed in order to ensure that our free speech and gun rights will never be violated.

If not, the American experiment will be in serious trouble.

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