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New Bombshell Report Could Prove The Coronavirus Is A Giant Scam

New Bombshell Report Could Prove The Coronavirus Is A Giant Scam

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America has been suffering from the Wuhan virus for over half a year.

The economy remains in shambles because of the draconian lockdowns.

But a new bombshell report could prove the coronavirus is a giant scam.

For months, Americans were told to listen to the experts, but the experts have failed the country nearly every step of the way.

Dr. Anthony Fauci originally told the country the virus was nothing to be concerned about – but he was relying on the experts from the World Health Organization, who were being fed lies by the experts in China.

Dr. Fauci also told Americans that masks were ineffective, then later said that was a huge lie just to preserve masks for healthcare workers.

The experts can’t determine whether the virus came from a wet market or a lab in Wuhan.

But now the experts might’ve made the biggest mistake of all.

According to the New York Times, up to 90% of people who test positive for the coronavirus are not contagious.

From the Times:

“In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus.”

The most common test for the coronavirus is the PCR test, which returns a positive or negative result, but doesn’t measure viral load.

So trace amounts of the virus could cause a positive test for someone who is asymptomatic and not at risk of spreading the virus to anyone else.

The Times continued:

“On Thursday, the United States recorded 45,604 new coronavirus cases, according to a database maintained by The Times. If the rates of contagiousness in Massachusetts and New York were to apply nationwide, then perhaps only 4,500 of those people may actually need to isolate and submit to contact tracing.”

That is a truly unbelievable number.

The country has basically been shut down over the virus panic which, as it turns out, 90% of the people who test positive are not a threat at all.

The lockdowns have left tens of millions unemployed and has ruined countless small businesses.

Deaths of despair are on the rise, and the country has actually seen a rise in excess deaths over previous years.

This is yet another example of the experts steering America in the wrong direction.

Sure, COVID-19 is a novel virus and a learning curve is to be expected, but the narrative has been that Americans shouldn’t be allowed to assume any risk because of what the “experts say.”

The so-called mainstream media have done an unbelievable job in ginning up fear and chaos, so much so that some Americans think millions of people have died from COVID in the United States.

It’s time to stop being guided by fear and reopen the country. Six months of peak panic is enough.

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