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Renowned Health Official Made Bombshell Announcement About The Coronavirus

Renowned Health Official Made Bombshell Announcement About The Coronavirus


The Wuhan virus has been an unmitigated disaster for the entire planet.

Health officials have been scrambling to find a vaccine or a treatment to stop the pandemic.

But one renowned health official made a bombshell announcement about the coronavirus.

The working theory for the longest time was that the outbreak originated in a wet market in Wuhan, South China.

Anyone who tried to suggest that the virus might’ve originated from the level-four biohazard lab across the street from the market was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton was ripped by the media for even suggesting it could’ve accidentally leaked from the lab.

However, as more evidence rolled in, the lab theory began to gain steam and Cotton was vindicated.

But Giuseppe Tritto, an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, went one step further and said COVID-19 was a bioweapon manufactured in the Wuhan lab.

Tritto is the president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT), an institution founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1997, meaning he’s no crackpot who can be easily dismissed.

In Tritto’s new book titled “China COVID 19: The Chimera That Changed the World,” he lays out his case why he thinks the virus is a chimera, i.e. an organism created in a lab.

Tritto explained in an interview:

“In 2005, after the SARS epidemic, the Wuhan Institute of Virology was born, headed by Dr. Shi Zheng-Li, who collects coronaviruses from certain bat species and recombines them with other viral components in order to create vaccines…Shi wants to work on a more powerful virus to make a more powerful vaccine: it combines a bat virus with a pangolin virus in vitro and in 2017 publishes the results of this research in some scientific articles.

Her research attracts the interest of the Chinese military and medical-biological sector which deals with biological weapons used as a deterrent for defensive and offensive purposes. Thus Shi is joined by doctors and biologists who belong to the political-military sphere.”

Tritto goes into more detail and explains how China won’t release the full data on the virus because it would be the smoking gun that proves the virus was manmade.

That would be a geopolitical disaster for China, so they’ve essentially created a black box around the lab of virology in question, which coincidentally was given a $3.7 million grant by the Obama administration.

Many became suspicious when Dr. Shi seemingly disappeared during the height of the pandemic fears.

She made an appearance on state-run media to quell rumors that she might’ve defected from the country, but she hasn’t made any public statements since.

The Chinese Communist Party is notorious for spiriting away people who are problematic for the regime, so it’s impossible to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Finally, Tritto is not optimistic about a completely effective vaccine because without the complete data, it would be impossible to create a vaccine that would treat all the strains of the virus.

As more respected scientists speak out, the wet market theory becomes more and more implausible.

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