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Recognizing These Warning Signs Will Help You Survive An Oncoming Disaster

Recognizing These Warning Signs Will Help You Survive An Oncoming Disaster


The scariest aspect of disasters is that they happen unexpectedly.

One minute everything is normal, then a crisis occurs and throws your life into turmoil.

But here are some warning signs to help you better predict an oncoming disaster.

If you’re a true survivalist, preparing for any eventuality never stops.

However, there are some markers that are better indications that trouble could be on the way.

Unfortunately, financial disasters are a part of life.

The sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2007-08 unleashed a domino effect that rippled through the economy.

While it took many by surprise, some economists predicted it and even made a fortune betting against it.

The mainstream media tried to convince everyone that deregulation and capitalism caused the meltdown, but the true culprit was government intervention.

Barack Obama further meddled with the economy, which led to the slowest recovery in history.

Also, his regulatory policies made investors and business owners wary because they were unsure if some interventionist scheme would cost them money.

So one thing to watch out for is a big-government president intent on punishing business with burdensome regulation.

Donald Trump has done the opposite; he’s slashed regulation and created a climate that’s amiable to business.

That said, you should be leery. of the natural business cycle.

We’re currently in a long rally, so a market correction could be on the horizon.

The Shiller P/E (profits to earnings ratio) and Wilshire 5000 are two reasonably accurate predictive metrics, and they both suggest a recession could be coming soon.

Another troubling sign is the inversion of the yield curve, meaning short-term investments in products like municipal bonds are offering higher rates of return than long-term investments, which is the opposite of the norm.

Usually, you trade liquidity for higher rates of return, but people feel a market downturn coming, so short-term investments are more appealing to many.

Now might be an optimal time to diversify and get some of your money into precious metals as a hedge against inflation and market fluctuation.

Over time, gold has maintained its value through turbulent times.

Another thing to watch out for is the rise of infectious disease.

Not only have we seen an increase in antibiotic-resistant superbugs, but major cities like Los Angeles have also seen a spike of typhus incidents, and there’s even concern that the Bubonic Plague could be making a comeback.

Also, ICE has had to quarantine thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border for infectious disease.

These are signs that pandemic preparedness should be on the agenda.

Also, civil unrest should be another marker of concern.

Thanks to the radical left, which has taken over the Democratic Party, society is fracturing to a degree not seen since the 1960s.

Wearing a MAGA hat in a liberal city is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

Conservative voices are constantly being drowned out on social media, in the universities, and leftist activists are going after advertisers for people with public platforms.

The left is shutting down speech, which will only make society worse.

Chaos can break out very quickly, so don’t get caught unprepared if the SHTF.



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