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Radicals Now Have Their Sights On A Monument That Will Infuriate You

Radicals Now Have Their Sights On A Monument That Will Infuriate You

Mount Rushmore

Leftists are accelerating their efforts to tear down the United States.

No relic of the past is safe from these American Taliban members who hate this country.

And now the radicals have their sights on a monument that will infuriate you.

Far-left activists and criminals are literally tearing down the country while liberal politicians and the so-called mainstream media sits on their hands.

Some members of the corporate press like CNN’s Don Lemon are even egging them on and calling the rioting and protesting a “mechanism for a restructure in our country.”

Statues nationwide have been toppled in the name of the Maoist Cultural Revolution our country is now grappling with, and the infection has even spread to the United Kingdom where policemen were forced into retreat by a roving mob.

However, it seems Americans are finally getting fed up with the destruction.

Citizens in Philadelphia stood up to a mob that wanted to tear down a monument, and officials in Texas issued a warning to Antifa terrorists who were plotting to vandalize the Alamo.

But now activists have turned their attention to Mount Rushmore.

The thought of targeting Mount Rushmore would’ve been laughable only a year ago, but now it’s being seriously discussed.

Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner said to USA Today, “I don’t believe it should be blown up, because it would cause more damage to the land,” but he was on board with using other means to destroy Mount Rushmore.

When told of these methods, he responded, “I agree. Removed but not blown up…To me, it’s a great sign of disrespect.”

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem immediately threw cold water on the suggestion in a tweet:

Noem elaborated on her position in an interview with Fox News.

The Governor said, “These men have flaws, obviously every leader has flaws, but we’re missing the opportunity we have in this discussion to talk about the virtues and what they brought to this country, and the fact that this is the foundation that we’re built on and the heritage we should be carrying forward.”

Discussing the merits and flaws of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt becomes impossible if we send them down the memory hole in “1984” style.

The far-left activists and terrorists don’t want a nuanced conversation, they want destruction.

It’s time for more politicians like Noem to step up and prohibit the lawlessness occurring in their jurisdictions.

Making concessions to the mob will only embolden them.

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