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Radicals Are Using One Disaster To Take Away Your Property Rights

Radicals Are Using One Disaster To Take Away Your Property Rights


The enemies of freedom are always on the prowl.

They also disguise their intentions, so they’re often difficult to spot.

Now radicals are using one disaster to take away your property rights.

Private property is one of the essential components of having a free and healthy society.

Countries, where private property is limited or prohibited, are nightmares.

Sadly, private property is now under assault in the United States.

Bill de Blasio, the socialist mayor of New York City, said he would do away with property rights if he had his druthers.

Leftists like de Blasio justify this heinous position out of “compassion” for the poor.

But the real game is centralizing power.

Now leftists are using another tactic to extinguish property rights and extend power.

Kian Goh, an assistant professor at UCLA, wrote a piece for The Nation – a far-left outlet that’s been a socialist rag for decades – outlining how California wildfires are evidence that private property needs to be restricted.

Goh uses the fires as proof that “we may only have a dozen years to contain global warming,” which is an absurd scare tactic employed by the left.

Radical environmentalists have been threatening planetary destruction for decades.

They’ve warned of global warming, global cooling, overpopulation, and grave oil scarcity.

All of their predictions have been nonsense, as is their latest prediction that the planet is finished unless radical communism is implemented within 12 years.

Goh also writes, “The valorizing of homeownership and property rights results not only in increased exposure to climate-change-fueled fires, but also in our inadequate responses to them.”

So according to Goh, home ownership and property rights are the real threat to the environment.

It gets worse.

Goh continues:

“There are other options, in theory: Rental housing serves many cities around the world well, although we should be wary about perpetuating the power of landlords in this country without delinking ownership from wealth creation.”

So ownership, rental housing, and profit are all bad.

Goh’s solution is both infuriating and predictable.

Goh continues, “There has been resurgent interest in government-planned and -built public housing, including recent legislation proposed by Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders that would shore up and invigorate the federal system.”

And there it is.

The solution is more socialism and government control.

Leftists constantly turn everything into a problem and present socialism as the fix.

Thus far, the radicals have been unsuccessful in doing away with property rights.

But it’s not for a lack of trying.

Leftist governments have enacted all kinds of regulation that’s made ownership and development incredibly difficult.

For example, in cities like San Francisco, it’s almost impossible to build.

Leftists are going to keep chipping away, which is why it’s important to uphold the rights of private property.

When Hugo Chavez took over Venezuela and put the country on the path toward a socialist hellscape, he traveled around the country and expropriated whichever businesses he wanted.

This is the leftist vision for America.

They can’t get away with it, but the mayor of the biggest and most influential city in the country told you exactly what he would do if he could.

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