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Radical Mayor Enraged His City With One Sentence

Radical Mayor Enraged His City With One Sentence

Mayor Bill de Blasio

Protests over George Floyd’s murder have spiraled out of control.

Several local governments have been slow to act to quell the violence.

And one radical mayor enraged his city with one sentence.

The heinous murder of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd has led to sweeping riots and looting across the country.

Many Democrat mayors and governors were slow to mobilize the National Guard to tamp down the violence, but were ultimately forced to do so.

However, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has completely bungled the situation in his jurisdiction.

New York—which became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic when de Blasio encouraged people to attend film festivals and other gatherings—is now the worst war zone in the wake of the violent protests.

Instead of reassuring New Yorkers, de Blasio has sent infuriating and mixed signals.

He’s called for unity, but he’s also told white New Yorkers it’s incumbent upon them to cure racism and discrimination.

On one hand, he’ll pay lip service by defending his police force, with which he’s had a contentious relationship since he was first elected.

On the other hand, de Blasio will throw his police officers under the bus, which has been his modus operandi.

Recently, de Blasio hastily demanded the termination of a police officer after video emerged of him pulling a gun on a crowd.

De Blasio said the officer should have “his gun and badge taken away today.”

But the full context of the video showed the officer drew his gun after his commanding officer was nearly killed by a brick thrown by a rioter.

While New Yorkers are watching their city burn, de Blasio fiddles.

Worse yet, de Blasio praised his daughter after she was arrested for “peaceful” protesting.

That will do nothing but pour gasoline on a fire.

The rioting and looting have superseded any peaceful protests that might’ve taken place at the outset.

Now is the time for firm leadership to restore order, and de Blasio hasn’t done that. In fact, he’s done the opposite.

De Blasio even had to backtrack on a zero-bail policy that resulted in a spike in violent crime.

Soft-on-crime policies do not work, especially in the face of violent civil unrest.

Ceding ground to criminals and radicals will only invite more trouble.

For years, leftists have been defending the tactics of Antifa, a violent communist group hellbent on destroying capitalism.

The so-called mainstream media have winked and nodded at them despite the fact they use language like “liberals get the bullet, too.”

Antifa and other radical groups are using the shield of peaceful protest to incite violence and sow chaos.

They must be stamped out.

Thankfully, some locals are getting hip to their games and booting them from their own neighborhoods while police officers have been given stand-down orders.

De Blasio needs to hurry up and take control of his city before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, de Blasio is a rabid leftist himself, so his heart truly lies with the rioters and looters.

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