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The One Thing You Have to do to Protect Yourself From Insane Gun Grabbers

The One Thing You Have to do to Protect Yourself From Insane Gun Grabbers

Gun Grabbers

Liberals are coming for your guns.

In the past, they’ve tried to nibble around the edges of gun control, but they’ve since tossed away any pretenses.

That’s why you should take this one step to protect your gun rights.

The Democrats are desperately scrambling to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

A parade of candidates has attempted to one-up each other by staking out increasingly far-left positions.

And virtually all of them are terrible on gun rights.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell says he “just” wants to confiscate “weapons of war,” which he defines as semi-automatic rifles.

But a huge percentage of legally owned rifles are semi-automatic, which simply means one trigger pull fires one round.

Swalwell and other gun grabbers use deceptive language all the time to scare people into surrendering their gun rights.

This type of fear-mongering is what leads to red-flag laws, which give the state the authority to remove guns from homes for a variety of reasons.

California tried to limit magazine sizes, and restrict the amount of ammunition a resident could buy.

The law was struck down, but leftists never sleep.

They’ll make another attempt to limit ammunition and create a gun and ammo government database, which would be a nightmare for privacy.

That’s why preppers need to think about stockpiling ammunition before it becomes restricted.

It would be tragic to run out of bullets in the middle of defending your home during a break-in, which has regrettably happened.

The judge who struck down California’s unconstitutional law cited examples of homeowners who ran out of ammunition in scenarios exactly like this.

So making sure you have enough firepower to get you through an emergency is crucial, but there’s one more thing to keep in mind.

Gun grabbers are determined to push toward a national registry.

They can’t yet do that, but with the rise of the surveillance state, they can acquire a lot of information about you.

If you want to limit the number of people who know about your survivalist goals, you have to be careful about what information you disclose.

Buying ammunition from smaller vendors and paying with cash is a good way to maintain a low profile.

As the left gets more and more bold, having a lot of ammo for hunting or prepping will be seen as something nefarious.

And you never want to be in the state’s crosshairs.

It’s not a bad idea to maintain your privacy so you can prep with complete peace of mind.

Thankfully, many small-town sheriffs have ignored leftist gun laws that have encroached on Second Amendment protections.

However, if the left accomplishes their goal of a national gun registry, they can deploy the feds directly to your house.

That’s a scary proposition.

Make sure you’re protected by prepping with discretion.

The fewer outsiders know about your preparation—such as how many guns you have, where they’re located in your house, and how much ammunition you have—the better off you’ll be.

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