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These Tactics Will Help Protect Your Home From A Life-Threatening Emergency

These Tactics Will Help Protect Your Home From A Life-Threatening Emergency


Challenges to your safety can come from anywhere.

But the danger that hits closer to home is particularly concerning.

Here are the tactics that will help protect your home from a life-threatening emergency.

Complete social upheaval is a scary reality that grows every day.

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and the Yellow Vest protesters in France are clear signs that a modern city can quickly devolve into chaos, especially when the government encroaches on citizens too brazenly.

And America is in the same boat.

Cities across the country have seen riots and violent protests erupt.

Political strife, economic fragility, pandemic threats, and natural disasters are all emergencies that could trigger a collapse in the rule of law.

If social unrest occurs, it could make its way to your neighborhood in a number of ways.

Here are some tactics to protect your neighborhood from such life-threatening crises.

First, know the layout and the borders of your community.

If your neighborhood has a barrier such as a lake or a freeway that limits points of entry, make a mental note of that.

This will help you understand where your neighborhood is vulnerable and where it’s fortified.

Defending your home without knowing where threats can enter from is a losing proposition.

Next, have a trusted network of people you can rely on for support and information.

Groups like a neighborhood watch can help build trust among residents and lessen the collective burden of keeping an eye out for security threats.

Keep in contact with your allies so you’re always apprised of what’s going on from a security standpoint in the community.

If there have been incidents of day-time robberies in the area, you need to know about it.

Make sure you have multiple forms of communication such as walkie-talkies and ham radios since a blackout could severely hamper normal lines of communication.

Moreover, take self-defense very seriously.

While armed conflict is the last best option, you have to be prepared if an emergency escalates to that point.

If an intruder knows you’re armed, there’s a good chance they’ll assume you’re not an easy target and give up.

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While home invasions are incredibly scary, most robbers aren’t looking for a confrontation.

Simply racking a shotgun shell could be powerful enough sound to send intruders away.

Finally, be prepared to bug out to another location.

Sometimes conflicts can be so overwhelming that hunkering down at home might not be the safest option.

When violent riots spiral out of control, dozens of people can be injured or killed in a short amount of time.

It might be a better idea to bug out quickly and avoid chaos.

If you make this choice, have an evacuation plan that includes multiple routes because you don’t know if one or more might be inaccessible.

Civil unrest can be incredibly terrifying, especially if you live or work in an urban area. But knowing how to defend your home and community can give you a big advantage if an emergency does break out.

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