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What You Need to Do to Protect Yourself Against a Terrifying Outbreak

What You Need to Do to Protect Yourself Against a Terrifying Outbreak


The threat of a global pandemic is very real.

One virus is sweeping across multiple countries, and health officials are on high alert.

Here’s what you need to do in order to protect yourself against the terrifying outbreak.

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China has already done significant damage.

Chinese officials have confirmed over 20,000 cases of the coronavirus and 425 deaths.

The Chinese government is notorious for lying, so the total number of confirmed cases and related deaths could be significantly higher.

Worse yet, the coronavirus has spread to several countries across Asia, and there have been 11 confirmed cases in the United States.

China has quarantined several cities, and Japan even quarantined a cruise ship.

Though the number of confirmed cases in America is low, that number could quickly escalate as it has in Asia.

The coronavirus can lead to serious illnesses such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which has a mortality rate of 10%.

As it currently stands, the coronavirus mirrors flu-like symptoms but has a much higher mortality rate of 2-4%.

It isn’t completely clear how the coronavirus is spread, but it’s believed to be airborne.

Here are a few tips to safeguard against the coronavirus and other similar pathogens.

A good face mask can help reduce exposure to airborne viruses.

Top-line respirator masks can block out 99.97% of airborne particles, and they’ve become a hot commodity in light of current events.

There are also disposable respirators, which don’t quite offer the same degree of protection.

In a pinch, surgical masks can make a difference in limiting exposure.

They’re also highly disposable and affordable.

Washing your hands thoroughly is also a great way of limiting the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Use hot water and soap, and lather up your hands for a good 20 seconds to make sure you’ve effectively scrubbed your hands.

Try not to rub your eyes and nose unless your hands are clean.

Nutritionally, make sure you’re getting the proper amount of Vitamin C and D.

They will help keep your immune system strong.

Keep yourself apprised of the news, particularly the local news, so you can maintain a good handle of how severe the threat is in your particular area.

Limit your trips into public spaces as much as you can while the threat level is high.

The fewer interactions you have with others, the better chance you have of remaining healthy.

If someone in your household gets sick, make sure you have a sick room for patients so they don’t infect everyone else in the household.

Also, try to have one designated person deal with the sick so the fewest amount of people are in direct contact with the sick.

That will lower the chances of the entire house falling ill.

Pandemics can be very scary, but if you follow procedures for limiting your exposure, you’ll be able to pull through it.

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