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1 Statistic that Proves Americans Are Hopelessly Brainwashed

1 Statistic that Proves Americans Are Hopelessly Brainwashed

A recent survey revealed that almost 75% of Americans favor drone strikes against Americans.

Specifically, they support drone strikes against Americans who are overseas who have joined terrorist groups.

But think about this for a moment. If Americans support drone strikes against Americans anywhere without due process, why would any American feel safe?

It’s an easy thing for the government to define any group that they disagree with as “terrorists.” Look how preppers and Constitutionalists have been characterized by the mainstream media and nutcase groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Oh, and if that doesn’t scare you, then take a look at this jaw-dropping statistic, as noted by

“Some 47 percent of those surveyed would back drone dstrikes where law-abiding Americans were possible collateral damage.”

That means that, should you or someone you love be kidnapped by “terrorists” (however the government is defining it that week), then half of Americans would support killing your innocent loved ones if that death was an “oops.”

If this doesn’t make you want to pack up and disappear, I don’t know what will.

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  • Who or what came up with the supposed results mentioned, the first two sentences of the article being most interesting, see below.

    A recent survey revealed that almost 75% of Americans favor drone strikes against Americans.

    Specifically, they support drone strikes against Americans who are overseas who have joined terrorist groups.

    The positions or statements in these two sentences cover entirely different circumstances. Re this entire business of “recent surveys” these done by whom exactly, in my view, leave a whole lot to be desired.

  • Citizenship used to be revoked when you joined a foreign military so how are drones being used to kill Americans in combat against our interests?

  • There are too many things the feds are doing that I can’t ignore. Arming every federal dept with hollow point ammo and sub machine guns, militarizing police, fema camps, ETC! What? The list is very long. Why does the DHS need 2 BILLION rounds of 40 cal hollow point bullets? What could they possibly need all that for? Unless of course they are expecting something huge to happen. To me there is a generation of government over steppers who are scoffing at the limitations set up by our Founders, and are perhaps setting up the foundations for “fundamentally changing the USA”. Where did we hear that before? I see too much to say it’s unbelievable. Do I hope the indicators are wrong? You bet because it’s going to be horrific if they start literally targeting law abiding Americans. Then everyone who’s head is in the sand will be crying out – to a tyrant system. When despots rule, death follows

  • Legalized murder of babies in the womb, govt sponsor of homosexual marriage, social and community activist inciting race riots, secret bills passed in the govt before reading them, calling debt unpatriotic and then doubling it, attacking the first,second, amendments, attacking a soverign country without Congress, unilateral disarmament, asian trade pact allows trade without foreign nations identity on where products came from-like food, chaplains are not allowed to pray and mention Jesus, this is the fundamental transformation of America and redistibution of the middle class wealth by enemies within our own govt. The electorate only cares about free stuff and votes accordingly.

  • This still requires due process of law. In this case, revocation of citizenship, especially if that citizenship was derived through Obama’s Executive Orders or through any other process that spurned the rule of law to give illegal aliens unmerited citizenship.

  • Also, disregard for the Fourth Amendment, with law enforcement agencies applying “civil forfeiture” to citizens only because their financial behavior has a profile that looks like something a criminal would do. Even after it is proven that the citizen did nothing illegal, the property taken by the government is not returned.

  • It seems this poll is not very FACTUAL! I don’t believe any American Citizen agrees with Drone Strikes Against Any American Citizen, who is not harming this country or another. American Citizen!

  • Most Americans just don’t care until the problem hits them personally. People all around world fighting for freedom and the people here just give it away.

  • As the US government have not recognized terrorist groups as foreign nations your assessment is wrong.

  • If a so called American has joined a terrorist group and is killing at will he is no longer an American anymore, if he ever was to start with.

  • Yeah! And the traitorous demoncrats have also said that the musloid terrorists and guerrillas are all uniformed soldiers and are to be treated as such when captured, POWs. This is Obozo’s way of preserving the good musloid radicals at the expense of the sinning non-radicals.

  • I think that anyone who has joined a terrorist group like that is no longer an American. These people, having gone beyond the pale, have forfeited any rights under our constitution.
    These people have declared war on us and we must deal with them.
    So far the Muslims have taken our morality for weakness and been very successful in their aggressions all over the world.
    We must stand up to them the way Charles Martel did in 732 at the battle of Tours,France where he defeated the moors.

  • I believe the larger point — the one everybody seems to be missing — is that without due process, any president could designate any American as a terrorist. This includes anyone the president puts on the hit list.

    The list of “potential domestic terrorists” drafted by the current leftist progressive machine includes people who are veterans of foreign wars, people with Ron Paul bumper stickers, people who advance support for the 1st Amendment (excluding leftist progressives, who just want protection for their own speech but not that which they wish to silence), people who publicly support the 2nd Amendment, people in the Tea Party; in short, any outspoken conservative that resists the borgressives.

    The rogue administration currently occupying the Oval Office is blowing up wannabe Muslim terrorists (look closely to see it they’re Sunnis or Shiites).

    Now, there is a movement among veterans to join forces with those allied against ISIS. They would be considered mercenaries by friends, and as terrorists by foes. Which do you think Obama is, friend or foe?

    If Obama can authorize drone strikes against one kind of terrorist in a foreign land, he can do so against any type of terrorist on foreign land. But the bigger questions is: When do you suppose he’ll decide to take the drones home for a little action against so-called “domestic terrorists?”

    Do any of you think you are not considered to be “potential domestic terrorists” by this rogue regime?

  • You are correct. They are brainwashed because those born in here has never suffered under a tyrannical dictatorship. They don’t believe those of us that were victims of this kind of government. They are convinced that will not happen here, just like the Cubans were sure that Castro will not last long. And for your knowledge, in Cuba were not the blacks that back up Fidel, were the pure white that had fled Spain during their war that Franco carried against communism. After all, Fidel’s papa had fled Spain becoming a potentate thru his abuses and he was a communist in Spain. America is naïve, and that is the worst we have against us.

  • I want to see the actual numbers as well as who did the survey and how the question was asked. How do you get away with publishing something like this without backing it up. 75% of Americans wouldn’t even know what your talking about.

  • would that create more americans to flee the U.S.A. to turn against the U.S.A? I thought that was already a problem.

  • I agree. And common sense dictates that if someone points a weapon at you, he is the enemie. Too, many good men were lost in Vietnam to the pajama boys and girls, and it is the same with ISIS. How do you tell friend from foe? They don’t wear a uniform. It is sad that we see the need to put our soldiers in harms way for people who are ungrateful and don’t really want us there. Let’s bring them all home, and post them on the borders to keep illegal drugs and criminals out of the U.S. Like the old saying goes. A good defense is the best offence. Our troops are overseas fighting for a way of life for them that our own government is trying to destroy for us. Common sense is one thing that is sorely missing in our Government today.

  • Any person who has gone over there and joined a Terrorist group is no longer an American. His life should be forfeit.
    Those guys from Muslim countries who have grown up in Madrassas really never knew anything else, but any person who grows up in America and joins that thing of beheading and killing Jews and Christians really is sick.

  • Possibly so however you should realize that only a small number of such “marriages” actually take place, though they do seem to get a lot of attention. Correct me if I’m in error here.

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