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One Professor Showed How The 2020 Election Could’ve Been A Huge Fraud

One Professor Showed How The 2020 Election Could’ve Been A Huge Fraud

Princeton Professor Andrew Appel

Joe Biden is perilously close to becoming the next commander-in-chief.

However, voter irregularities have put a cloud over his tenuous election victory.

And one professor showed how the 2020 election could’ve been a huge fraud.

On election night, Donald Trump had a sizable lead over Joe Biden in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Then the counting just stopped.

By the next morning, all of a sudden votes came pouring in for Joe Biden and he flipped all four key states.

But voting irregularities quickly began to crop up.

Witnesses have sworn affidavits that they saw voter malfeasance in several states.

The Trump campaign is currently challenging the election in court while Democrats are clutching their pearls that anyone could question the integrity of the election process.

However, it was the Democrats that said the Russians interfered in the 2016 election to deliver a Trump victory.

And there’s far more evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, but Democrats refuse to acknowledge it even though they warned about voting machines previously.

A video from 2016 shows how a Princeton professor hacked a Dominion voting machine – the same machine that concerned Democrats in 2019.

It only took the professor seven minutes to hack the machine.

A lack of transparency has been one of the legal challenges posed by the Trump team, so the extent of the potential fraud is difficult to determine.

In addition to many election monitors being blocked from observing election counts, dead people have voted in several states, chunks of mail-in ballots for Biden with no other votes down ballot poured in, and “human error” caused 6,000 votes to erroneously be tallied for the Democrat in a local Michigan race.

The depth of the voter irregularities need to be investigated, but the Democrats and their media allies are anxious to move toward Biden’s coronation.

The Democrats are itching to reverse many of Trump’s policies that improved the country.

Biden has already said he would loosen immigration restrictions and push amnesty for all illegal aliens in the country.

Biden also said he would rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, a toothless pact that would do nothing but weaken America’s energy production while China and India continue being the leaders of carbon emissions.

Biden and the Democrats are also eager to push through gun control legislation; the Biden/Harris administration would be more anti-gun than any other administration in history.

The Democrats have a radical agenda they want to enact and it all hinges on Biden being in the White House.

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