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Pro-Lockdown Official Wants To Lock People Up For An Insane Reason

Pro-Lockdown Official Wants To Lock People Up For An Insane Reason

The Wuhan virus continues to be a disaster of epic proportions.

The reaction to the virus has arguably been worse than the virus itself.

Now one pro-lockdown official wants to lock people up for an insane reason.

San Diego is an oddity among big west coast cities because it has a Republican mayor.

The coast hasn’t yet been captured by the far left, but that’s where things appear to be headed.

And one San Diego city councilwoman is pushing a far-left agenda.

Jennifer Campbell gave a press conference at a park where she called for harsh punishment for anyone who defies the draconian lockdown procedures.

After blaming Trump for the Chinese virus, Campbell said:

“All right, so the county has a rule: no more than ten can get together – whether it’s in your house, whether it’s out here in the park, wherever it is. And by God, that is now the law. And therefore, the County Sheriff should be here arresting people who aren’t wearing masks, who aren’t distancing, and who are coming together too strong.”

San Diego coronavirus numbers have been met with skepticism after a city health official said the numbers were being inflated.

In May, he said only 6 out of 194 coronavirus deaths were actually due to the virus.

The petty tyrants who are using the coronavirus to flex their political muscle are dangerous.

In their eyes, the greatest sin anyone can commit is defiance of an unconstitutional law.

They’re authoritarians at heart, and they demand compliance.

It’s been unnerving to see virtually the entire left get behind sweeping big-government crackdowns.

A CNN contributor even suggested people be put on lists for disobedience.

The virus is being used by Democrats to shoehorn in nonsensical policies.

For example, strip clubs and casinos are allowed to operate, but churches and gyms are not.

People can attend protects, but they can’t attend their grandmother’s funeral.

California tried to use the virus to abridge gun rights; the L.A. county sheriff tried to list gun shops as “nonessential” in the middle of a pandemic where police essentially said property crimes would not be charged.

The Democrats’ shameless political games have been put on full display.

Teachers’ unions are making insane demands before they feel it’s safe for teachers to return to the classrooms.

Their demands include divestment from police and an end to private education.

This is how the left operates.

They look for any crisis so they can further their radical goals.

So the left wants to release criminals, defund the police, trample gun rights, and throw you in jail for disobeying an authoritarian order.

They’ve completely lost their minds.

These pro-lockdown tyrants cannot be allowed to get away with these dangerous policies.

Portland has now become a leftist hellscape because there hasn’t been any pushback to the madness.

The rest of the country cannot be allowed to become Portland.

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