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One Presidential Candidate Poses A Serious Threat To Your Gun Rights

One Presidential Candidate Poses A Serious Threat To Your Gun Rights

Michael Bloomberg

The Democrats have gone completely insane.

They’ve become particularly radical on the issue of the Second Amendment.

Now one Presidential candidate poses a serious threat to your gun rights.

Donald Trump has broken the psyche of the Democrat Party.

They’re so deranged by the president, they’re not even hiding their radicalism anymore.

One of the issues they’ve gone absurdly far-left on is gun control.

Democrats would repeal the Second Amendment if they could, and some openly admit it.

Even worse, several Democrats running for President have made some of the most shocking gun control statements ever uttered in American politics.

Former candidate Eric Swalwell suggested he would use nukes on citizens who didn’t comply with his confiscatory policies.

Former candidate Beto O’Rourke said he would ban all “assault” rifles and force people to sell them back the U.S. government.

Former candidate Kamala Harris said she would ban rifles by executive action.

While these gun control loons have dropped out, another one just slithered into the Democratic primary.

Two-time New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is entering the race.

Armed with a multi-billion dollar war chest and a media company to do his bidding, Bloomberg is going to be making a hard push for gun control.

His first move as a candidate was to purchase a massive ad-buy to attack the Second Amendment and he’s only getting started.

Guns have been a pet issue for Bloomberg for years.

He’s poured millions of dollars into gun control advocacy groups such as Everytown USA and Moms Demand Action.

Bloomberg governed as a “nanny state” mayor, imposing a heavy tax on sodas because he doesn’t like sugary drinks.

He’s taking that same approach with guns, and he’s taking it national.

Bloomberg announced his legislative agenda on guns and it included “universal” background checks, increasing the age to buy a gun, criminalizing personal transfers, increase waiting periods, and imposing vague red flag laws that allow authorities to seize guns.

Even worse, Bloomberg is entirely ignorant on the issue of guns.

In a 2014 interview, he said, “I don’t know what the law is today on a 14-year-old owning a .22-caliber rifle.”

Apparently he thinks a 14-year-old can stroll into a store and purchase a rifle.

In a mind-numbing 2012 ABC News interview, Bloomberg made multiple idiotic statements.

He said, “Pistols are different. You have to pull the trigger each time. An assault weapon, you basically hold it and it goes, [bang, bang, bang].”


Semi-automatic weapons fire one shot with each trigger pull, and fully automatic weapons have been heavily regulated since the mid-1980s.

During the same interview when the interviewer told him hunters were using semi-automatic rifles, he fired back, “If that’s what they’re using, for God sakes, why aren’t they using dynamite? Just make it easier. I mean, what’s the sport?”

Bloomberg, like pretty much all the other Democrats, is terrible on guns, and he’s got the money and resources to be a big problem.

That’s why it’s important as ever to express your support for gun rights and even stock up.

If the Democrats get their hands back on the governmental levers of power, the Second Amendment would be threatened in a way we’ve never seen before.

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