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One Presidential Candidate Will Throw Gasoline On A Raging National Crisis

One Presidential Candidate Will Throw Gasoline On A Raging National Crisis

Joe Biden

America faces many challenges on the horizon.

Many of the opponents running against Donald Trump have made proposals that would set the country back.

But one presidential candidate pledged to throw gasoline on a raging national crisis.

The issue of illegal immigration has been a serious problem for the United States.

The number of illegal aliens in the country had mysteriously stayed stagnant at 11 million for decades, but a recent study at Yale puts the number at over 20 million.

Some studies even put the number closer to 30 million.

Unfettered illegal immigration has caused all kinds of problems, including putting downward pressure on American wages.

But wobbly Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden pledged to make the problem even worse.

Biden, like all of the other Democrats, has radical positions on immigration, but he’s particularly dangerous because he’s viewed nationally as a “moderate.”

But Biden just announced that he plans to give amnesty to all 11-22+ million illegal aliens.

More troubling, Biden said he would release all illegal border crossers into the United States, which essentially amounts to open borders.

Furthermore, Biden said he would supply federal student loans and free community college to illegal alien children with DACA status.

Biden also plans to reverse a Donald Trump decision that would allow legal immigrants to come into the country and immediately go on food stamps.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) speculates that Biden’s policies would cost U.S. citizens $26 billion in welfare and Medicaid expenses.

Biden’s plan is a disaster on multiple levels.

The student loan crisis has already caused tuition costs to increase exponentially.

Extending government-backed student loans to even more people is only going to make the problem worse.

And the economic hit extends beyond that.

When factoring in healthcare and education expenses, illegal aliens add a lot of stress to social services.

But the big agenda behind Biden’s plan is to add new Democratic voters.

That’s why they’re suddenly so enthusiastic about illegal immigration.

Democrats used to understand that border security was important.

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But their principles went out the window when they saw that illegal immigration played a part in turning Virginia blue, California deep blue, and several southwest states (including Texas) purple.

First-time legal immigrant voters and the children of illegal aliens vote Democrats 80% of the time.

That number evens out over time, but not when more and more people are being imported.

The endless waves of illegal aliens needs to be slowed down so the country can properly assimilate them.

But the Democrats want as many people as possible coming in so they can offer them “free stuff” in exchange for votes.

Biden and the Democrats know exactly what they’re doing and it doesn’t at all benefit American citizens.

The Democrats have completely adopted a globalist mentality.

However, when America finally collapses under its own weight, it will not be good for the globalists.

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