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What’s Better: Prepping or Homesteading?

What’s Better: Prepping or Homesteading?

It seems that some preppers and some homesteaders have it in for each other. They insult and look down their nose at the other based upon their perceptions of who is more mature and more likely to survive. And some get really hot under the collar about it.

For example, one homesteader wrote,

“Whoa! As someone who has homesteaded for the past 17 years and actually walked the walk, I can assure you that there is so much more to it that any prepper will ever comprehend. I hate for this to sound so self-righteous, but it is just simply true.”

Others had a more measured tone in their replies about the issue:

“Both are about being more self sufficient. I think they intertwine. Lot of homesteaders prep, and lot of preppers practice some form of homesteading”

It’s pretty clear that both are looking to survive in what they see coming in the future.

What do you think: Prepping or homesteading and why? Comment below.

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