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You Need To Be Preparing For This Terrifying Attack

You Need To Be Preparing For This Terrifying Attack

Chemical Attack

There are multiple catastrophic events that could threaten the security of the United States.

And there are many enemies that would love nothing more than a weakened America.

For that reason, there’s one terrifying attack that people need to be getting ready for.

The threat of a terrorist attack is a very real possibility.

The horrors of 9/11 taught America that our enemies will go to drastic measures to strike terror in our country.

That’s why Americans should be concerned about the possibility of a biological or chemical attack.

A deadly organic pathogen or chemical nerve agent released into the atmosphere could be catastrophic.

And the crisis at the Southern border shows that we’re struggling to keep out illegal aliens.

Migrants from Africa have even shown up on the Southern border, so the issue isn’t restrained to just those from Mexico and Central America.

Unless the Democrats in Congress get real about border security, Americans will be susceptible to bad actors and potential terrorists entering into the country.

There are several areas of the border that are completely unmanned with no barrier, so someone transporting a biological or chemical weapon could cross with relatively little resistance.

Also, ICE agents have already seen a rise in infectious disease outbreaks among illegal aliens in detention facilities.

Over 2,000 illegal aliens have been quarantined for communicable diseases such as mumps so far.

An unsuspecting migrant could be infected by a terrorist and carry a virus within him, which could then spread since many asylum claimants are released into the country.

The United States is more connected than ever in terms of people commuting long distances and taking flights across the country.

Air travel used to be a luxury, but now it’s relatively inexpensive and incredibly common.

In addition to the quarantines that have already taken place in ICE detention, some of the African migrants apprehended at the border are coming from countries with Ebola epidemics, such as the Republic of the Congo.

Many African migrants have been transported to Texas and as far as Maine.

Overwhelmed border agents are not in a position to handle a nefarious biological or chemical attack.

This means you need to be prepared to hunker down if the time comes.

If there’s a deadly airborne pathogen on the loose, the last place you want to be is out and about.

Make sure you have a well-stocked bunker or safe room with gas masks for everyone in the household.

Also, it’s incredibly important to stay informed.

If normal telephone or internet services are down, it’s a good idea to have a ham radio handy.

That will allow you to stay apprised of what’s going on within your region and worldwide.

Information is key, particularly in the midst of a crisis.

America’s enemies have been relatively quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone away.

ISIS is in shambles, but many members are still at large and have joined splinter groups – and are still being funded.

Now is not the time to get complacent with your prepping.

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