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How You Can Continue To Prepare Even After A Disaster Strikes

How You Can Continue To Prepare Even After A Disaster Strikes


The goal of survivalism is to give yourself the best chance to live in an emergency.

But the work isn’t done once a crisis hits.

Here’s how you can continue to prepare even after disaster strikes.

Survivalists understand the concept of stockpiling supplies in order to navigate a crisis.

However, skills are almost always more important than supplies.

Even in a SHTF scenario, you should be focused on continuing to hone your skills.

For example, one of the reasons it’s important to stockpile supplies such as ammunition is so you have enough bullets to use for target practice.

If you’re not a good shot, surplus ammo won’t do you much good.

Even if you have a healthy supply of water, you need to learn how to purify water in the wild because your water could be unexpectedly compromised or you may find yourself stranded away from your home or bug-out location.

Also, salvaging material will become incredibly important when the SHTF.

You likely won’t be able to swing by the corner store for supplies, so you’ll need to be creative about repurposing items and extending the life of supplies with secondary uses.

For example, used car filters can be used to make gun suppressors.

There are infinite ways you can take items and find creative uses for them.

Next, scavenging for materials goes hand in hand with salvaging.

Look for discarded items that still have use to you.

After disaster hits, many useful items will be entirely abandoned.

Knowing what to look for and how to make use of it will be an essential skill for weathering an indefinite storm.

Junkyards could turn into gold mines and abandoned common areas could turn into junkyards.

Also, take some time to soak in knowledge by reading.

If you’re acquiring a lot of hard-copy reference materials, and you should, make use of your time by familiarizing yourself with the passed-down wisdom, then do the same in kind.

Chronicling your adventures is important.

It will not only keep memories and significant details fresh for you, but they could also help someone else down the line.

Next, focus on keeping your body strong and healthy.

Illness and injury are the quickest ways to derail a survival effort.

Maintaining proper fitness to the best of your capabilities will not only keep your body from breaking down easier, but it will also keep your mind sharp.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re fatigued, and it’s easy to get fatigued when you’re not taking care of your health.

A SHTF scenario is the perfect excuse to neglect fitness, but that’s precisely the time when you should knuckle up and fight the urge to get complacent.

Despite all of your preparation, the journey only begins if a disaster truly strikes.

If you approach it that way, you’ll give yourself a much better chance of coming out on the other side of any emergency situation.

Supplies have a shelf life, but skills will last you forever.

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