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A Stunning Police Resignation Signals a Scary Breakdown In Society

A Stunning Police Resignation Signals a Scary Breakdown In Society

James O'Neil

Civil unrest is the highest it’s been in decades.

The rise in unrest has also led to an increase in crime.

Now one stunning police resignation signals a scary breakdown in society.

New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill has resigned due to the terrible leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

After decades of soft-on-crime policies plunged the city into chaos, things began to rebound in the mid-90s to a commitment to rule of law.

But under de Blasio, police have been villainized, and crime is on the uptick.

De Blasio—the son of communists—who literally said he would do away with property rights if he could, has antagonized his own police force.

In one stunning episode, police officers turned their backs on de Blasio when he showed up to a police officer’s funeral.

De Blasio’s leftist policies have already begun to have a harmful effect.

Commissioner O’Neill finally had enough, remarking on his way out the door, “It’s only gonna get worse.”

Recently, an NYPD officer was shot and killed by a career felon who was on probation.

Even though he had an open warrant and a pending court case, he was free to wander the streets and kill a cop.

Instead of cracking down on crime, de Blasio is cracking down on cops and lavishing criminals with gifts…literally.

One insane policy involves letting people out of jail without posting bail, and enticing them to show up for their court with baseball tickets, movie passes, and gift cards.

At the same time, de Blasio has contributed to the leftist rhetoric that cops are evil.

This is not going to make the streets safer.

It’s going to embolden criminals and lead to more criminal behavior.

We know this because these policies have been tried before in New York and other cities.

When you excuse criminality and antagonize cops, you make citizens less safe.

This has been recently actualized with the “Ferguson Effect,” meaning that crime rates go up when police move out of an area.

New York has recently seen police officers get doused with buckets of water and told to stand down.

Social chaos on this scale is never a good sign, and it’s likely to spread to other major cities.

That’s why it’s important to be mindful of survival tactics.

Make sure you know how to properly defend yourself and your home, and look for ways to de-escalate situations and avoid conflict altogether.

Leftist idealogues like de Blasio never learn their lesson, so these problems won’t go away.

For New Yorkers’ sake, hopefully the city doesn’t devolve into the nadir of 1970s and ‘80s New York where people dreaded riding the subway, and often ran to and from work to avoid muggings.

If you’re in an urban environment that’s dealing with this kind of governance, make your preparation a priority.

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