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Police Officer Shockingly Suspended For Addressing One National Crisis

Police Officer Shockingly Suspended For Addressing One National Crisis


There are several challenges that the country faces.

The rights of American citizens are slowly eroding on many fronts.

And yet, a police officer was shockingly suspended for addressing one national crisis that threatens Americans.

A cop in Fairfax County, Virginia was suspended for turning over an illegal alien who committed a crime to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The officer was investigating a traffic accident and discovered that one of the people involved did not have a driver’s license.

Upon further investigation, the officer learned that the person without a valid license was an illegal alien sought after by ICE for failing to appear to a deportation hearing.

ICE was notified and the illegal alien was taken into custody.

These actions got the police officer suspended, because driving without a license and getting in a traffic accident is not enough of a crime that permits officers from also turning suspects over to ICE.

This episode perfectly sums up the broken immigration system.

Illegal aliens either overstay their visas, cross the border and don’t get caught, or cross the border, get caught, then never show up for their asylum or deportation hearing.

Many disappear into sanctuary cities where local authorities are hamstrung.

Open borders advocates like to pretend that sanctuary cities make immigrant communities safer, but it only makes law-abiding immigrants less likely to report crimes because law enforcement is hampered from doing their job.

Democrats have done a complete 180 on the issue of illegal immigration.

They used to argue that unfettered illegal immigration put downward pressure on American wages.

Left-wing labor advocates like Cesar Chavez were so radical, they would go to the southern border and beat up illegal aliens trying to cross into America.

Jesse Jackson used to go to the border and rally against illegal immigration as well because they displaced black workers in occupations such as construction.

But then the Democrats realized that first-time immigrant voters pull the lever for the Democrats 80% of the time.

While that number evens out over three or four generations, the country isn’t able to properly assimilate immigrants the same way because endless waves of people are coming in unchecked.

The Democrats keep importing first-time voters.

The New York Times used to run articles that were skeptical of illegal immigration.

Since the paper was bailed out years ago by Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim, it’s impossible to find an immigration story that doesn’t toe the new Democrat open borders line.

Slim has an interest in illegal immigration from Mexico because people who cross into the United States call back home to their families and send payments through wire services.

Both transactions make Slim’s businesses incredibly lucrative.

Illegal immigration has become a big-money issue and American workers haven’t been getting a say in the matter.

They elected Donald Trump to fix the broken system, but he’s been viciously attacked and obstructed every step of the way.

Congress has little motivation to fix the problem, so stories of officers getting suspended for doing their jobs will likely continue to occur.

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