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Police Are Cracking Down On One Crazy Coronavirus Activity

Police Are Cracking Down On One Crazy Coronavirus Activity


The Wuhan coronavirus is causing all kinds of turmoil around the globe.

More governments at all levels are enacting social distancing measures.

And police are cracking down on one crazy coronavirus activity.

Donald Trump extended the policy of social distancing through the end of April, meaning that the imposed quarantine will last at least another four weeks.

The discussion about when the economy should open back up has sparked controversy among political factions; some politicians seemingly want to pay people to stay home indefinitely.

One of the consequences of that is boredom, and it’s caused some people to throw coronavirus parties despite the considerable health risk.

According to reports, parties with as many as 50 guests are taking place.

In response, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy tweeted, “Can’t believe I have to say this at all, let alone for the second time. But here we are…NO CORONA PARTIES. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid.”

Police have had to break up multiple parties in New Jersey and a man in Maryland was arrested after throwing his second house party.

It’s important for people to abide by the social distancing measures for two reasons.

First, it helps slow the spread of the pandemic.

The great fear is the healthcare system will become overwhelmed and hospitals will have to begin rationing care, which is commonplace in nationalized healthcare systems.

Doctors in Italy have had to let non-coronavirus patients die because of the deluge of cases.

The slower the virus spreads, the more time health officials have to coordinate an effective response.

There’s reason to believe that the virus does not spread as effectively in warm and humid climates, so slowing the spread before the summer months could give the country a reprieve.

Also, it’s necessary to abide by social distancing guidelines so the government doesn’t have a reason to extend its powers.

Some municipalities have been called out for granting themselves emergency powers that could be used in terrifying ways.

A mayor in Illinois said their local government had the authority to seize guns.

This is precisely what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

And law enforcement in Rhode Island is literally going door to door looking for New Yorkers.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to sue Rhode Island for its targeting of New Yorkers.

Foreign countries are taking extreme measures.

China is already an authoritarian country, and they were welding citizens inside their homes.

Hungary is now suspending elections, and other countries might follow suit.

Leftist politicians in America are calling for the federal government to glom even more power.

The same people that called Trump “Hitler” for four years now want Trump to nationalize industries and usurp the authority of individual states.

Concerns over the pandemic are real, but now is not the time to give away freedoms.

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