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These Places May Not Be Safe From Government During An Emergency

These Places May Not Be Safe From Government During An Emergency


Dealing with a crisis can be challenging and terrifying.

Unfortunately, the government could be a potential obstacle.

These places could be in danger from the government during an emergency.

Frightening crises such as natural disasters are something people must be mindful of.

Natural disasters have the power to kill thousands of people and do billions of dollars in property damage.

Some disasters even displace people permanently.

However, one thing people usually aren’t wary of is FEMA.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is a government body that offers aid during a catastrophe such as a hurricane or flood.

FEMA helps ensure people have life-sustaining resources when the SHTF.

But what people don’t know is that FEMA could be a roadblock during such an event.

FEMA actually has the authority to confiscate property, so your survival efforts could be derailed by the government.

A series of executive orders issued from John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have expanded the dubious powers of agencies like FEMA.

For example, EO10998 issued by Kennedy gave FEMA the power to seize local farms.

Carter issued EO 12148, which calls on the director of FEMA to work with state and local officials to “stimulate vigorous participation by the private sector.”

These vague and overly broad executive orders essentially give the government unchecked power to do whatever they want.

If you’re on the coastline or relatively close to a big city, you’re at greatest risk of having FEMA confiscate your possessions.

Even though FEMA isn’t going to go door-to-door and round up supplies, if your OPSEC (operational security) has been compromised by a neighbor who knows you have a cache of food and emergency supplies, that information could be given to FEMA.

And you may get a knock on your door.

In the face of an emergency, communities often rally together to protect the individual members.

FEMA can complicate matters if they move beyond their purview of providing federal aid.

Also, once you’re on the federal radar, your OPSEC is completely blown.

If gun control zealots are successful in chipping away at gun rights, you could end up on a national registry – a dream come true for the left.

The concerns over FEMA also raises a larger concern – the slow creep of authoritarianism.

More and more agencies, particularly under Obama, have been militarized, and they’re only accountable to the President.

And due to a 1984 Supreme Court case regarding Chevron Deference, these agencies are essentially allowed to defer to themselves in terms of checking their own authority.

These are the small actions the government takes to eat away at our freedoms every day.

These are the laws and executive orders that are passed in virtual secret.

There are so many federal laws, it’s impossible not to break them.

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant about what big-government politicians are pursuing when they think no one is paying attention.

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