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People Are Fleeing Major Cities For A Concerning Reason

People Are Fleeing Major Cities For A Concerning Reason

Civil unrest is the worst it’s been in decades.

The country feels as though it’s on the brink of complete mayhem and anti-American activists are doing everything they can to worsen the situation.

Now people are fleeing major cities for a concerning reason.

Protests over the murder of Minneapolis resident George Floyd have plunged the nation into chaos.

Rioting and looting have occurred by opportunistic criminals and terrorist agitators like Antifa, which was recently designated a terror group by the federal government.

However, instead of calling out citizens for violent and criminal behavior, the so-called mainstream media has encouraged – or simply ignored – the riots almost entirely.

The country was already on edge after two months of unprecedented coronavirus lockdowns.

In response to the pandemic, local governments decided to release inmates from prison in an attempt to reduce the virus among the incarcerated and also announced they would not be prosecuting lower-level property crimes either.

There was a story of a released inmate in California who was arrested three times in 24 hours.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio even said he was shocked to hear that criminals who were given clemency would use it to commit more crimes.

And yet at the same time, criminals were given a walk, local authorities were arresting people for giving haircuts or taking their kids to the park.

Now law enforcement is caught in the crosshairs with nationwide calls to defund the police.

While leftists cheer this on, right-of-center people and the dwindling sane liberals are balking at the notion.

And that’s why many people are fleeing major cities.

In Minneapolis, a recent analysis showed that 18.6% of the city’s real estate listings popped up in response to the civil unrest over George Floyd’s death.

As Minneapolis became the first city to disband their police department and replace it with some ambiguous public safety team, the exodus will likely deepen.

Minnesota’s governor Tim Walz and Mayor Jacob Frey both sat on their hands and turned over a police precinct to an angry mob that promptly burned it down.

There’s no reason for law-abiding citizens to remain in a city where police can’t – or won’t – defend them or their businesses.

Despite efforts to roll back gun rights during the Wuhan virus panic, gun sales actually skyrocketed and it’s happening again in light of the nationwide riots.

More and more people are going to arm themselves and flee increasingly unmanageable liberal cities.

Even New York City and San Francisco are experiencing the same thing.

While some are moving to the suburbs and exurbs, others are leaving their respective states entirely.

People in attractive red states just hope the liberals fleeing from blue areas don’t vote for the same progressive policies that made them leave in the first place.

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