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Overlooking This Form Of Security Could Cost You Everything

Overlooking This Form Of Security Could Cost You Everything

Cyber Security

Most survivalists understand that neglecting security can get you killed.

That’s why it’s important to have situational awareness and be prepared to defend your home.

But there’s one often overlooked form of security that could cost you everything.

Having firearms, dogs, and other deterrents to protect your home from invaders are all smart and necessary methods of survival.

However, society is becoming more and more digital.

Some of the most severe damage can be done from behind a computer screen.

That’s why it’s important to have strong online security to protect yourself from hackers and other bad actors.

Here are some steps you can take to limit your exposure to virtual criminals and others who may wish to do you harm.

First, be very careful about clicking on links in emails, even if it’s from an address you recognize.

Phishers have become more sophisticated.

They might hack the email of someone in your address book, then send an email that seems harmless, or might modify a friend’s address slightly.

Phishers might also do this slight address modification with your phone or utility company to make it seem as though you’re corresponding with them.

It doesn’t hurt to double check with friends to make sure they sent the link, especially if it’s included in a very terse email.

Also, don’t get in the habit of following email prompts to update a password.

It’s best to go directly to the site instead.

This phishing technique is how top Hillary Clinton adviser John Podesta had his email account exposed.

Next, be very careful about the information you share on social media.

Old Facebook posts, blog posts, and tweets could come back to bite you.

Facebook particularly stores data on you and all of your friends.

Even if you’ve never had a Facebook account, you very likely have a shadow profile based on connections that you have.

For example, if all of your siblings are on Facebook and you’re listed as a relative, Facebook will create a shadow profile for you and begin to fill in the gaps.

The less information you give, the better.

Also, consider switching from Google Chrome to another browser.

A Washington Post article detailed how Google’s browser attaches an inordinate amount of cookies as you surf the net.

These searches will result in countless banner ads, and worse, Google is rapidly building up its surveillance profile.

The company is already working with the Chinese communist party to spy on citizens, and they’re helping to develop “smart cities” in Canada that will make it incredibly difficult to remain anonymous.

Finally, consider using a VPN (virtual private network) to protect your IP address while you’re connected to the internet.

A VPN can protect all of your devices, even when you’re away from home and on a different network.

Net security is only going to get more crucial as we move further and further away from the analog age.

While it’s important to be able to thrive in an analog world, you have to be prepared to exist in the expanding digital one.

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