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Organization Responsible For Spread Of The Coronavirus Got A Rude Awakening

Organization Responsible For Spread Of The Coronavirus Got A Rude Awakening


The Wuhan virus has done unbelievable damage to the globe.

The pandemic has killed tens of thousands and cost trillions.

And the organization responsible for the spread of the coronavirus got a rude awakening.

There are now over 2 million confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus and 134,000 people have died as a result.

The outbreak began in the Wuhan province of China, but spread all over the globe in a matter of months.

The primary reason for the spread was the misinformation given by the communist government of China to the World Health Organization (WHO).

China told the WHO that the virus could not be spread from human to human contact, which they knew wasn’t true, and the WHO dutifully parroted that deadly misinformation.

As more intelligence comes out, it’s becoming clear that the WHO is in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party.

China campaigned for Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (who goes by Dr. Tedros) to become the head of the WHO, and he’s since bent over backwards to do the bidding of China.

For these reasons, Donald Trump announced he will be suspending American funding to the WHO until a full investigation into the organization is completed.

In a briefing, Trump announced:

“Today I’m instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the Coronavirus. Everybody knows what’s going on there.”

The United States gives over $400 million in taxpayer dollars to the WHO while China only pays roughly $40 million.

It makes no sense for America to fund a seemingly corrupt organization that is beholden to a bellicose foreign power.

When Trump first announced that he might stop funds to the WHO, Dr. Tedros warned that politicizing the virus would lead to ”many more body bags.”

However, it’s China that’s been politicizing the virus from the start.

They put out propaganda claiming that referring to the outbreak as the “Wuhan virus” is “racist.”

Not long after, the WHO declared the virus would be called COVID-19 so as not to stigmatize China, an obvious departure from common disease nomenclature.

It only makes sense to question the motives of the WHO when they first insisted that countries should not restrict travel with China.

Trump added, “The United States has a duty to insist on full accountability, one of the most dangerous and costly decisions from the W.H.O. was its disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations.”

After Trump enacted his travel ban, many other countries followed suit after first blasting the move as “xenophobic.”

And if the WHO’s indebtedness to China weren’t obvious enough, a chilling interview between a WHO official and a Hong Kong reporter removed all doubt.

The reporter asked about Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO, and the official pretended like he didn’t hear the question, then hung up when the reporter persisted.

China doesn’t recognize the independence of Taiwan, therefore neither can the WHO.

The organization is corrupt, and it’s time to hold them accountable for the spread of the Wuhan virus.

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