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One Trump Supporter Was Executed For A Bone-Chilling Reason

One Trump Supporter Was Executed For A Bone-Chilling Reason

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The far-left has spiraled completely out of control.

Democrat mayors and governors are literally sitting on their hands as chaos ensues.

Now one Trump supporter was executed for a bone-chilling reason.

If Portland were a country it would be declared a failed state.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has let Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists run wild.

The escalation has been happening for years, but it’s intensified over the past four months during nonstop rioting, looting, and arson.

And now supporters of Donald Trump are being executed simply because of their politics.

A man named Aaron Danielson was shot point blank by an Antifa terrorist who was allegedly looking to take out the “enemy.”

Before execution, someone appeared to yell, “We’ve got a couple over here.”

This type of cowardly and disgusting violence has been brewing in Portland while Wheeler and other Democrats shrug off the chaos.

Recently, a man who was simply trying to stop someone from getting robbed faced the ire of the mob.

He was brutally kicked in the side of the head for his trouble.

With the recent unrest that’s been fueled and condoned by the left, Donald Trump has seen a sharp spike in the polls.

It turns out that Americans hate violent anarchy in the streets.

That’s why Joe Biden has finally come out of his basement to position himself as the law and order candidate.

But it’s not going to work.

Democrats have spent too much time either downplaying the violence or flat-out denying it.

And there’s plenty of evidence of Democrat governors and mayors arrogantly rejecting Donald Trump’s offers to send in assistance to local law enforcement.

They can’t change strategies midstream and argue Trump is weak on crime.

The execution of Aaron Danielson is a travesty that Democrats have to own.

Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and St. Louis are just a few of the cities that have DAs supported by Soros who are actively letting criminals run wild.

Soft-on-crime policies are dangerous.

New York City tried them in the 1970s and ‘80s and they were an absolute disaster.

Now many cities are gradually devolving into 1970s New York because of feckless Democrat leadership.

There will be more Aaron Danielson-type tragedies if Democrat leaders worry more about Donald Trump than keeping their cities safe.

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