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One Thing You Must Do To Get Ready For SHTF

One Thing You Must Do To Get Ready For SHTF

You’ve heard it time and time again that there are many things that you should do to get ready for a disaster situation. You should stock up on supplies. You should have an emergency stash of gasoline and an emergency stash of cash. You should have first aid training and self-defense training. You should have a place to bug out to that is already set up and be ready to make into your new homestead. You should have your bug out bag packed and ready to go.

But, the thing is, you probably won’t do more than a very small fraction of these things unless..

… You turn off the news. I’m serious, and I’m not the only person saying this.

Ryan Holiday is the best selling author of books such as “The Obstacle Is The Way” (which I recommend, by the way), and he writes in a recent article for

“It’s time we all came to terms with our compulsion: How is anyone going to make America or themselves great again—if we’re all glued to our devices and television screens? How can anyone maintain their sanity when everything you read, see, and hear is designed to make you stop whatever you’re doing and consume because the world is supposedly ending?”


“For our part, we’ve internalized this idea that what we chatter about, share, react to and comment on makes an impact. Yet has it? […] We’re ‘participating’ in this ecosystem because it’s addicting and because we’re curious. {… ButI if] we could break out of it, not only could we get some work done, but we might be able to productively connect with each other.”

How much time do you spend glued to the television news or to social media and it’s “news” stories? I’ve been guilty of sitting there watching and reading, especially during this election season.

Of course, even though the election is over, news channels are going to try to fabricate news or, at the very least, make a mountain out of a molehill about what is really a non-issue. That is their job: to capture eyeballs to sell to advertisers. That, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the mainstream media has distorted so much information during this past election that you wonder what you can believe. And that’s on top of the time wasted keeping up with it.

Turn off the TV. Turn off social media. The extra time that you have from just doing that could be enough to do all of your prepping and training so that you are ready before you need it. And, if a disaster hits, that is the situation that you want to be in.

How do you free up time to get prepared? Tell us below.

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