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One Study Just Shed Major Doubt On A Coronavirus Policy

One Study Just Shed Major Doubt On A Coronavirus Policy

Dr. Robert Redfield CDC

Health officials continue to be baffled by the Wuhan virus.

There hasn’t been a lot of agreement on the best way to handle the pandemic.

Now one study just shed major doubt on one coronavirus policy.

Health experts have been leading the world population around by the nose based on their credentials.

But time and time again, they’ve proven to be dead wrong on a number of issues.

The latest COVID-19 policy that could be a total bust for the so-called experts is the efficacy of masks.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) quietly released a study that shows wearing masks doesn’t seem to be all that helpful.

The CDC surveyed symptomatic COVID patients and 70.6% said they “always” wore a mask and another 14.4% said they “often” wore a mask.

This means 85% of people who routinely wore masks still contracted COVID.

However, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield told people last month that a cloth mask is even more effective than an actual vaccine.

The new data on masks jives with other studies that show the science is, at best, split on the effectiveness of masks.

Health officials in other countries believe masks actually have a harmful effect because they give people a false sense of security when they should be social-distancing or quarantining if they’re in a high-risk pool.

Health experts are trying the patience of people around the globe. Dr. Anthony Fauci originally told the American people that masks were ineffective – but later we learned he only said that because he didn’t want people buying up all the supply and leaving hospital workers without proper equipment.

Dr. Fauci also said that perpetual lockdowns were a bad idea—something the World Health Organization recently said—then later advocated shutting down the country well into 2021.

And some pro-lockdown journalists and lawmakers have called for mask registries and even attempted murder charges for people who don’t wear masks.

Meanwhile, there’s science showing that excessive wearing of masks can lead to respiratory problems.

And still, the so-called mainstream media implores people to “listen to the experts.”

The pro-lockdown and mask propaganda has gotten out of hand. It’s time for the country to open back up so Americans can resume their lives.

And it can happen with at-risk individuals still remaining safe.

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