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One State Just Took a Bone-Chilling Gun Control Measure

One State Just Took a Bone-Chilling Gun Control Measure


The Democrats are getting more extreme.

They’re pushing what would’ve been considered outrageous only a few short years ago.

Now one Democrat-controlled state just took a bone-chilling gun control measure.

Virginia has become ground zero in the battle over the Second Amendment.

Due to D.C. outgrowth and unfettered immigration, Virginia changed from red to purple to blue.

Now that the Democrats control the state House and the state legislature, they’re attempting to cram through far-left policies.

Their primary issue has been gun control, which has sparked massive debate state-wide.

And it’s only going to get worse.

By a vote of 51-48, the Virginia House of Delegates approved a bill that would ban “assault-style” weapons.

This is a shocking move that undoubtedly infringes upon the Second Amendment.

First, the term “assault-style” weapon is ill-defined.

Most leftists know absolutely nothing about guns.

They think an assault weapon means a fully-automatic machine gun straight out of a 1980s action movie.

Machine guns have been heavily regulated since 1986.

“Assault weapon” could simply mean a black rifle or a rifle with a pistol grip.

The ambiguity is the point.

Gun grabbers want to give themselves as wide a berth as possible to take away guns.

Some of the other items on the Virginia gun control menu are restrictions on firearm purchases, restrictions on ammunition purchases, increased legal age to buy a firearm, and “red flag” laws that can be used for confiscation.

While the Democrats are running amok, gun rights proponents are putting up a fight.

Over 90% of the counties in the state have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

And gun rights rallies in the state have garnered massive support.

Even Democrat voters in the state believe the gun control measures have gone too far.

However, one chilling development is that top Democrats in the state have threatened that the National Guard could be brought in to enforce the restrictive laws if local sheriffs refuse to do so.

All of this is taking place while the top three Democrats in the state have been mired in scandal.

Governor Ralph Northam narrowly survived an incident where he admitted to appearing in a yearbook photo where he attended a Halloween party either dressed in blackface or a KKK hood.

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was accused of forcible rape, and Attorney General Mark Herring also confessed to wearing blackface.

Any of these scandals would’ve destroyed a Republican candidate, but all three Democrats came out on the other side.

There’s still hope that the gun control measure could be defeated.

It still must pass through the state Senate, and the Democrats only enjoy a narrow two-vote lead.

If a few principled Democrats break ranks, the assault weapons will fail for now.

But the scandal-ridden Democrats have proven that they won’t stop.

They’re going to keep pushing until they can go door to door and round up the guns.

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