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One State Is Cracking Down On Gun Rights With A Scary Move

One State Is Cracking Down On Gun Rights With A Scary Move

Gun Rights

Gun-grabbers have been emboldened over the past couple of years.

Gun control legislation has been cropping up all over the country.

And one state is cracking down on gun rights with a scary move.

New Jersey has some of the most burdensome and restrictive gun laws in the country.

According to a freedom index from the libertarian Cato Institute, New Jersey ranked 47th among states in terms of gun rights.

That was recently made clear with an unbelievable arrest.

Roosevelt Twyne, a 25-year-old security guard, was pulled over for having tinted windows on his car, then was arrested for illegally transporting a firearm and possessing prohibited hollow point bullets.

However, Twyne is a licensed gun owner – which means he has the right to transport his firearm.

And the bullets in question were issued by his employer.

According to Evan Nappen, Twyne’s attorney, “The law … makes it clear that it’s illegal to transport unless you are licensed pursuant to chapter 58. And that is precisely what a handgun carry permit is.”

As for the hollow point bullets, a New Jersey State Police website says the bullets in Twyne’s possession are legal ammunition.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The polymer-tipped Hornady ‘Critical Duty’ ammunition in question is ‘not considered to be hollow point ammunition’ and not illegal to possess in the state—the website goes so far as to specifically name ‘Critical Duty’ as an example of legal ammunition.”

Nappen added, “It’s lawful…It’s publicly announced as lawful because it is. It’s not hollow. It’s filled.”

New Jersey’s onerous gun laws have criminalized a legal gun owner who now has to go through the process of clearing his name.

Twyne said in an interview, “Honestly, it’s been traumatic and has impacted my life in a way that I’ve never experienced before…It’s hard because now even looking for a part time job or any job, it’s made it so much harder for me.”

It’s unclear how long it will take for the matter to get adjudicated.

In the meantime, it’s affected Twyne’s ability to make a living since he’s not been allowed to work for over a month.

He added, “Not only has it tainted my name and reputation, which I have worked hard to attain, not just growing up in Elizabeth, but as a black man trying to make a difference.”

The restrictive gun laws of New Jersey are what gun-grabbers want all over the country.

Other states have been pushing for age restrictions, weapon restrictions, ammunition restrictions, “red flag”, and other burdensome policies.

The Second Amendment is under assault and arrests like the one that happened to Twyne only make things worse.

Gun-grabbers arrest first and ask questions later.

Bad gun laws need to be challenged and exposed so gun rights aren’t taken away piecemeal.

Gun control activists rely on people not paying attention.

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