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One Staggering Report Just Gave Gun Grabbers A Headache

One Staggering Report Just Gave Gun Grabbers A Headache

Gun Grabbers

The Second Amendment is under assault like never before.

Gun control politicians have been emboldened to push harder for confiscatory policies.

But one staggering report just gave gun-grabbers a headache.

The Wuhan virus and the endless far-left riots have made 2020 one of the most challenging years in recent memory.

However, these twin calamities have given rise to gun ownership in the United States.

For decades, gun-grabbing Democrats have been chipping away at gun rights piecemeal, but 2020 dealt them a huge blow.

In the first half of 2020 alone, there have been five million first-time gun purchasers in the country.

Five million is a staggering number and it shows that people are discarding a lot of the myths about gun ownership.

Even people in blue areas are flocking to gun stores. New York State, which ranks 43rd in gun rights according to the Cato Institute, has seen a huge spike in guns.

Gun stores in blue areas have actually been running out of guns and ammunition to sell.

Lawrence Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) said:

“This is a tectonic shift in the firearm and ammunition industry marketplace and complete transformation of today’s gun-owning community…These first-time buyers represent a group of people who, until now, were agnostic regarding firearm ownership. That’s rapidly changing, and these Americans are taking hold of their God-given right to keep and bear arms and protect themselves and their loved ones.”

These first-time buyers have been proverbially “mugged by reality” because local governments have been allowing criminals out of prison due to COVID-19 concerns, and Democrat politicians refuse to do anything about the ongoing riots across the country.

Some members of the so-called mainstream media have spoken in hushed tones about how the riots are hurting Biden, but there’s been no full-throated condemnation of radicals in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

NSSF surveys show that 40% of the 5 million first-time purchasers are women, and 58% are black.

Meanwhile, the corporate press has been calling for police departments to be defunded.

It makes sense why first-time gun owners in blue areas feel like their politicians have let them down – because they have.

Hopefully, these first-time gun owners now understand what’s at stake when gun-grabbing politicians are on the ballot.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the most anti-gun presidential ticket in American history.

Biden said he would ban “assault” rifles and Harris said she would seize guns by executive order within her first 50 days if elected president.

Biden also recruited notorious gun-grabber Beto O’Rourke to be the unofficial czar for his anti-gun agenda. And during the Democratic primary, O’Rourke said he would be willing to go door-to-door and confiscate guns.

What’s interesting is some of those first-time gun buyers realized just how ridiculous the waiting period for guns actually is.

Perhaps now they understand how anti-gun policies only make law-abiding citizens unsafe.

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