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One Spy Could’ve Given Vital Information To An American Enemy

One Spy Could’ve Given Vital Information To An American Enemy

The United States is constantly at risk from foreign threats.

The cause of American security isn’t helped when foreign adversaries are aided by domestic foes.

And one spy could’ve given vital information to an American enemy.

China has proven to be America’s chief geopolitical rival.

The Communist Party of China was responsible for unleashing the Wuhan virus on the world.

CCP leaders waited almost a full week to alert the public about the threat of the outbreak, then lied to the World Health Organization about how the virus was transmitted.

This led to the WHO giving faulty information to health officials in various countries who weren’t properly prepared to handle the outbreak.

The Wuhan virus also exposed the fragility of depending on China for vital resources such as personal protective equipment and penicillin.

China has also benefited from mass trade imbalances and stolen intellectual property from American companies.

On top of that, China is a serious human rights abuser.

Now a former CIA spy working on behalf of China may have sold defense secrets to the CCP.

Former CIA officer Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, a naturalized citizen from Hong Kong, turned over top secret-level information to Mainland China.

According to the Department of Justice:

“According to court documents, Ma began working for the CIA in 1982, maintained a Top Secret clearance, and signed numerous non-disclosure agreements in which he acknowledged his responsibility and ongoing duty to protect U.S. government secrets during his tenure at CIA…Ma and his relative (identified as co-conspirator #1) conspired with each other and multiple PRC (People’s Republic of China) intelligence officials to communicate classified national defense information over the course of a decade.”

Ma had a long tenure with the CIA, so there’s no telling how much he knew and how much he gave to the CCP.

The DOJ continued:

“The scheme began with three days of meetings in Hong Kong in March 2001 during which the two former CIA officers provided information to the foreign intelligence service about the CIA’s personnel, operations, and methods of concealing communications.  Part of the meeting was captured on videotape, including a portion where Ma can be seen receiving and counting $50,000 in cash for the secrets they provided.”

What’s most alarming about this is that Ma isn’t even the first Chinese spy to get caught working against the United States.

Another spy at Harvard University recently stole research from a lab.

Instead of reporting accurately on the threat that China poses, the so-called mainstream media have shockingly done the bidding of China in terms of propaganda.

This is precisely why the corporate press should be considered the enemy of the American people.

They hate Donald Trump more than they love the country.

In fact, their 1619 Project vision of America suggests they don’t love America at all.

A demoralized nation will eventually crumble, and the press has completely lost its sense of national pride, which has seeped into various parts of the culture.

The nation’s loss of confidence is directly related to the left’s assault and it’s made the United States ripe for foreign spies.

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