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This One Skill Will Be Essential If Disaster Strikes

This One Skill Will Be Essential If Disaster Strikes


Utter chaos could be only one incident away.

That reality is why it’s important to hone as many practical survival skills as possible.

Here’s one skill that could come in handy if the worst case scenario happens.

America is the freest and most prosperous country in world history.

The thought of the U.S. collapsing seems impossible to most.

But anything is susceptible to a “black swan” event.

The book The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb expounds on the parable that nobody believed black swans existed until they were discovered in nature.

In his book, Taleb talks about how a turkey gets fed and raised in comfort…until Thanksgiving season; the holiday was a “black swan” evident that the turkey couldn’t see coming.

Real-life examples of unforeseen events include stock market crashes, nuclear meltdowns, terrorist attacks, pandemics, the power grid going down, or government tyranny.

However unlikely, any event may be, it’s important to have a failsafe if the unthinkable happened.

One useful skill to know is archery.

Guns and ammunition will be some of the first commodities seized if disaster strikes.

A good projectile alternative is a bow and arrow.

There’s a wide array of bows to choose from: longbow, crossbow, compound bow, takedown bow, etc…

The takedown bow is particularly useful for portability, which could come in handy if it’s necessary to be on the move for an extended amount of time.

A good bow only costs a few hundred dollars, and the arrows are inexpensive.

And with practice, the ability to craft arrows from wood means unlimited ammunition is only a forest away.

Arrows are also reusable, so a bow has a longer shelf life than a handgun that could become useless if ammunition is scarce.

Bow and arrows are also silent, which could be crucial depending on the circumstances.

Having the ability to defend one’s self while moving in silence could be invaluable.

Bows and arrows are far less regulated than firearms, which is a big advantage in the face of ever-expanding government.

Gun control activists incessantly push for feckless regulations that only punish law-abiding citizens.

They won’t stop until they get a national gun registry, or worse, full-blown confiscation.

Arrows have also come a long way since the days of wooden points or sharpened-stone arrowheads.

In addition to vintage wooden arrows, archers can choose from other materials.

Fiberglass arrows are cost-effective but not as durable as aluminum.

Carbon arrows are more expensive, but they’re lighter, which offers more accuracy and distance.

Composite arrows are used by expert archers, although they come with increased cost.

They provide high levels of accuracy, distance, and durability.

One thing that survivalists understand is that conventional wisdom is more relevant than ever in a technocratic society.

The ability to be self-reliant and lean on the skills that have transcended countless generations is essential.

Investing in a good bow and arrow and taking time to learn the craft of archery would be a great use of resources.

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