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One Scary Trend With Cops Is Rippling Across The Country

One Scary Trend With Cops Is Rippling Across The Country


The murder of George Floyd has dangerously shifted the axis of America.

The fallout from the incident continues to spread across various sectors of life.

And one scary trend with cops is rippling across the country.

Outrage at the police might be the highest it’s ever been in the United States.

The shocking footage of George Floyd being killed struck a nerve and has given the radical anti-cop faction of the left a ton of political currency.

They’ve used it to push for radical policies like defunding the police – something that will be happening in Minneapolis.

The far-left City Council hasn’t yet explained what the “new and improved” public safety unit will look like, but it’s a good bet that it will be an unmitigated disaster.

Soft-on-crime policies nearly destroyed New York City.

Even worse, local politicians like socialist mayor Bill de Blasio actively stab his own police officers in the back.

In Los Angeles, mayor Eric Garcetti said he will be cutting $150 million from police funding –even though the LAPD is already arguably underfunded and has to cover more area than any other department in the country.

In addition to activists and politicians vilifying the cops, the so-called mainstream media is dogpiling on and absolving rioters and looters of all responsibility.

It’s easy to see why police morale is cratering.

Mike O’Meara, head of the New York Police Benevolent Association, summed up the state of police officers in an impassioned speech.

O’Meara said, “Stop treating us like animals and thugs. And start treating us with some respect. That’s what we’re here today to say. We’ve been left out of the conversation. We’ve been vilified. It’s disgusting.  It’s disgusting. Trying to make us embarrassed of our profession.”

The reactionary demonization of cops is triggering police resignations across the country.

In Hallandale Beach, Florida, an entire S.W.A.T. team resigned after command staff members knelt in solidarity with anti-police protesters.

The team’s resignation letter read:

“The risk of carrying out our duties in this capacity is no longer acceptable to us and our families. The anguish and stress of knowing that what we may be lawfully called upon to do in today’s political climate combined with the team’s current situation and several recent local events, leave us in a position that is untenable.”

This is only going to escalate.

After the recent shooting of Atlanta citizen Rayshard Brooks, the officer who shot Brooks was fired and thrown under the bus even though he followed procedure.

The job of police officers is becoming increasingly impossible.

People who don’t know the true danger of the job are the ones dictating nonsensical policies to officers.

For example, Joe Biden suggested cops just shoot suspects in the leg.

More and more cops will come to the conclusion that the job is no longer worth it.

Maybe then the anti-cop radicals will be forced to face the reality that most police officers aren’t responsible for all of the violence.

On average, police officers kill approximately 1,000 suspects per year – an overwhelming majority of whom are armed and dangerous.

Also, there are roughly 14,000 homicides per year.

Violence and crime will only get worse without police action.

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