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One Scary Gun Control Law Could Be Coming To America

One Scary Gun Control Law Could Be Coming To America

Authoritarian governments are the biggest threat to any free society.

Regrettably, America has seen authoritarian rhetoric brewing among leftist politicians.

Now one fascistic gun control law could be on its way if Americans aren’t careful.

It’s often said that Europe is the canary in the coal mine.

Whatever happens there eventually makes its way to the United States.

But unlike its foreign cousin the United Kingdom, the United States has a First and Second Amendment.

These pillars of freedom have mostly stood against relentless attacks from the hard left, although the attacks are becoming more forceful.

Unfortunately for the UK, their freedom protections are not robust.

Citizens can be arrested for making “offensive” statements in public, or even online.

Recently, Britons have been arrested for “harassing” transgender people on Twitter, posting rap lyrics on social media, and for preaching Christian gospel on a sidewalk.

And now these free speech “violations” are being used to curtail the country’s already limited gun rights.

In the UK, citizens must provide a reason why they should be allowed to possess a firearms license, and self-defense is not considered a reasonable excuse.

What could be more reasonable?

A prominent English YouTuber and gun enthusiast got his gun license pulled because of his pro-gun social media channel.

If stripping people of their rights based on political speech sounds authoritarian, that’s because it is.

And leftist politicians are looking to do the same thing.

State legislators in New York and Illinois are already pushing to bar people from purchasing firearms based on their social media history.

This is one of a growing number of gun control tactics employed by the left.

“Red flag” laws such as this are being used to justify gun confiscation, which has always been the endgame of the left.

Disarming the populace is an important left-wing strategy.

An unarmed citizenry is at the total mercy of the government, which is on full display in Venezuela, which used to be the left’s shining example of socialism.

Celebrities deified Hugo Chavez and his Marxist vision.

Those same celebrities and leftist politicians are nowhere to be found.

They’ve moved onto to the Nordic countries as their model for socialism, even though those countries aren’t even socialist.

Americans need to be aware that the left doesn’t want “common sense” gun laws.

They want all of the guns.

Their “common sense” solutions are always either laws that are already on the books and weren’t properly enforced, or they’re completely useless laws that won’t prevent any crime.

Some leftists are honest about their thirst for full confiscation, but most aren’t.

It would be a good idea to stock up on guns and ammunition while gun rights are still intact.

While the Second Amendment is still in place, leftists don’t particularly care for the Constitution.

They think it’s an “outdated” document.

A handful of activist legislators and judges could do serious damage to gun rights.

They’ve already made overtures, but their more overreaching policies have been struck down.

However, now isn’t the time to get complacent.

The First and Second Amendments must be continually defended.

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