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One Rising Democrat Just Threw Gasoline On A National Emergency

One Rising Democrat Just Threw Gasoline On A National Emergency

Ilhan Omar has ruffled many feathers in her brief foray into Congress.

She’s angered people on both sides of the aisle with her reckless comments.

And now Omar just poured gasoline on one raging national crisis.

Ilhan Omar has become infamous in a short amount of time.

She was condemned by members of both parties for making anti-Semitic remarks, compared American soldiers to the terrorist group al-Qaeda, and downplayed the horrific 9/11 attacks as “some people did something.”

She also asked for leniency for people who left the country to join ISIS.

Omar has staked out many radical-left positions, and now she’s doing it again.

In light of the illegal alien crisis on the southern border—record numbers of people from Mexico, Central America, and even Africa are overwhelming border facilities and resources—Omar suggested eliminating border patrol altogether.

Democrats have tried to argue for months that there was no crisis on the southern border after Donald Trump declared a national emergency.

Since then, liberals have jumped on the bandwagon and acknowledged there was a problem with overcrowding and a lack of resources.

Omar’s solution to the problem of not enough facilities is to eliminate ICE and CBP entirely.

During an interview with BET, Omar referred to border patrol as “rogue agencies” and said there was “no transparency in how they conduct business.”

This is laughable considering the scrutiny border patrol is under, and members of Congress just recently toured southern border facilities.

Omar continued, “We should be having a conversation about eliminating their existence. Reforming the agencies that deal with our most vulnerable.”

Omar doesn’t suggest what reform would look like, and she doesn’t acknowledge the fact that they’re illegal aliens, and not American citizens.

“Our most vulnerable” would be impoverished Americans with physical and mental health issues.

While liberals like Omar virtue-signal over illegal aliens, homelessness is skyrocketing in Democrat strongholds due to leftist governance run amok.

“We are continuing to allow for them to terrorize people who are running away from the most horrific circumstances,” Omar added.

Most of the people crossing illegally are economic migrants, not refugees, thus the overwhelming majority of asylum cases are rejected.

Some are crossing multiple countries to come to America, which undercuts their claims of persecution.

The swell of African migrants is particularly puzzling because if they were fleeing persecution in their home countries, they wouldn’t be trying to enter the United States after safely landing in South America and Mexico.

The truth is illegal aliens want to come here because of America’s freedoms and the economic opportunities and resources that spring from that.

Socialist and authoritarian regimes impoverish everybody and force people to want to leave.

Sadly, these are the same policies that Democrats like Omar want to implement in America.

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Making matters worse, the Democrats now fully embrace open borders, as Omar’s comments suggest.

If it couldn’t be any more obvious, Keith Ellison, who was in the running to be Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, wore a shirt that read, “Yo no creo en fronteras,” which translates to “I don’t believe in borders.”

The Democrats are a wild-left party intent on implanting terrible ideas that would wreck the country.

These wild-eyed socialists are exactly why it’s necessary to prepare for the worst.

If they get their way, government spending will spiral far out of control.




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