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One Official’s Response To Violent Rioting Will Make Your Blood Boil

One Official’s Response To Violent Rioting Will Make Your Blood Boil


Democrats have been turning a blind eye to rioting for several months.

Dozens of lives and billions in property damage have been lost as a result.

And one official’s response to violent rioting will make your blood boil.

Ever since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, radical leftists have been rioting nonstop across the country.

The latest flashpoint for civil unrest is Louisville, Kentucky where Attorney General Daniel Cameron recently announced there would be no murder charges against the police officers in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

A state of emergency was declared in advance of the announcement, but Democrat governor Andy Beshear was criticized by Rand Paul for not deploying the national guard sooner.

Amid the chaos, State Representative Attica Scott was arrested for felony rioting.

According to police officers, Scott was part of a group that set fire to a library, vandalized other structures, and failed to disperse on command.

Interim Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder said during a press conference:

“Under Kentucky’s riot statue, anyone who is part of a group causing damage or riotous behavior, is subject to the charge of rioting. It does not require an individual to actually have participated in the destructive act.”

But Scott’s colleague State Representative Lisa Willner proposed to change the definition of what constitutes as rioting.

Instead of telling people not to riot, Democrat lawmakers want to narrow the definition of rioting so being part of a violent mob doesn’t meet the threshold.

This is incredibly dangerous, and considering Democrats are fanning the flames of civil unrest, this will not lead to a good outcome.

Black Lives Matter extremists already have argued that looting is simply a form of reparations for social injustice.

Sadly, Democrats believe less and less in the rule of law; they will now break any rule or custom to get the desired result.

The Taylor case exemplifies that.

Based on all available evidence, the police had a valid warrant to raid Taylor’s apartment in search of narcotics or cash related to her ex-boyfriend’s drug enterprise. Taylor’s current boyfriend shot at police officers first, then they returned fire.

There is no legal predicate for murder charges against the officers, but members of the left don’t care.

They want their pound of flesh, evidence be damned.

And when state lawmakers are siding with the mob and engaging in violence, that’s an incredibly dangerous recipe.

Recently, Cuban immigrants in the Louisville community had to stand up to Black Lives Matter bullies who tried to threaten businesses to cave to their demands.

The Cubans fled Fidel Castro’s prison island, so they know what a radical left-wing mob looks like.

Democrats need to pull back from the brink and denounce rioting and looting in no uncertain terms.

Instead, officials like Scott and Willner are engaging in the rioting and sanctioning it.

If local politicians won’t adhere to the rule of law, then they must be voted out.

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