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Why One Illegal Immigration Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

Why One Illegal Immigration Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration poses one of the most serious threats to the country.

A society that does not have control of its borders will eventually collapse.

And the illegal immigration problem is even worse than you think.

Famed libertarian economist Milton Friedman once said, “You can’t have open borders and a welfare state.”

At the moment, America is ramping up on both fronts.

Leftist politicians will always push for high taxes, more government programs, and more wealth redistribution.

However, one big change that’s happening on the left is they’re now boldly calling for open borders.

Leftists used to believe that illegal immigration drove down wages for workers.

Labor organizer Cesar Chavez and his followers used to beat illegal aliens trying to cross the border into the United States.

However, the left now desperately wants open borders to fulfill their long game of building their voter base.

Top Democrat Keith Ellison even wore a shirt that said “I don’t believe in borders” in Spanish.

As the illegal alien population grows, government services and Congressional representation grow.

That’s why Democrats so fiercely oppose putting a citizenship question on the ballot.

All of the Democrats running for President in 2020 not only favor decriminalizing illegal border crossings, but they favor free healthcare for illegal aliens.

These radical policies are all designed to grow the power and scope of government.

They’ve even antagonized ICE officials in disgusting and dangerous ways, comparing them to Nazi prison guards.

The problem isn’t just the far-left Democrats who will do anything for power.

Liberal donors with deep pockets are funding pro-illegal immigration groups.

Donors are funding the well-organized migrant caravans from Central America traveling through Mexico on their way to the United States.

Journalists who embedded themselves in the caravan documented proof that trucks with pallets of bottled water and other resources were aiding the migrants on their journey.

These caravans full of thousands of people are not coming together spontaneously.

Also, the Mexican cartels are profiting from illegal immigration.

People trying to get into the country will pay cartel-affiliated coyotes for passage to America, which creates a dangerous market for exploitation.

One study showed that nearly one in three women and girls were sexually assaulted on their journey to America.

Illegal immigration also helps Mexican business interests.

Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim benefits from illegal immigration because border crossers will wire money back to Mexico and call their families.

These transactions put money in his pocket.

Despite immense antagonism, Donald Trump is pushing back against the rising tide of Immigration, Inc.

Trump’s economic pressure on Mexico and Central America have greatly reduced the number of border crossings in recent months.

A couple of Central American countries have agreed to take in refugees, and the Mexican government is taking a more active role in prohibiting illegal border crossings into the United States.

These are necessary steps to ensure the Democrats don’t get their wish of open borders, which will eventually break the country.

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