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One Group Is Resisting Vaccines For This Reason

One Group Is Resisting Vaccines For This Reason

COVID-19 Vaccine

America is still living under the boot of COVID-19 tyranny.

Pro-lockdown officials have said restrictions will remain in place until a majority of the country has been vaccinated.

But one group is resisting vaccines for this reason.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says America cannot reopen until 90% of the population takes the COVID vaccine.

However, there are concerns about the health risks associated with the vaccine particularly since it’s so new.

A significant portion of frontline healthcare workers have already refused the vaccine, now officers within the LAPD say they don’t want to take the vaccine either.

While the survey was characterized as informal by the Los Angeles Times, there were 9,500 respondents out of 13,000 employees within the department.

According to LAPD police chief Michel Moore, 40% of his officers do not plan to take the vaccine.

Of the 40% who said they were reluctant, half said they would need more information before taking it while the other half said they would not take it for any reason.

Some healthcare workers have had adverse side effects, so it makes sense that some would be gun-shy about a vaccine for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

However, Chief Moore maintains, “This vaccination is not just safe, but it’s effective…It’s the way out of this pandemic, and we are asking all of our members on a voluntary basis to step into this and be vaccinated.”

Moore also stated he would not take the vaccine ahead of “[the] rank-and-file who are out in the street every day.”

But the rank-and-file officers aren’t eager to take the vaccine.

And it doesn’t help that Fauci has sent mixed messages about COVID for the last year.

At first, Fauci was skeptical that a vaccine could be manufactured in record time – and now he wants everyone to take it forthwith.

The so-called mainstream media has also contributed to skepticism with their ever-changing narrative about the virus.

The press hailed New York governor Andrew Cuomo for his handling of the virus – despite having one of the worst death rates in the world, yet ripped Florida governor Ron DeSantis even though he handled the virus markedly better with a comparable population size.

If police officers and healthcare workers want more information about the vaccine, it only stands to reason that other Americans would too.

Vaccine compliance should not be a condition for freedom.

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