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This One Drill Will Save Your Life If Disaster Strikes

This One Drill Will Save Your Life If Disaster Strikes

Going Off Grid

Being a prepper is an incredibly challenging life decision.

There’s a lot to learn, and trouble can present itself in many different forms.

Here’s one drill that will be a lifesaver in case of a full-fledged emergency.

Nobody takes the decision to become a prepper lightly, especially if family is involved.

Prepping is a mindset.

It’s about being ready to handle a disaster that might never come.

That’s why one drill is deeply important for preppers: an off-the-grid weekend.

Going off the grid has clear benefits.

First, it’s good practice for the real thing.

When the SHTF, panic is inevitable.

Going off the grid for a weekend will better help you and your loved ones better manage high-stress situations.

It also makes the entire endeavor feel more rewarding.

Endless practice without play is tedious and unfulfilling.

Going away for a weekend will provide the energy to keep you going.

It will also help you better assess your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if you struggle with cold weather, see how you perform for a weekend in the middle of winter.

And if you can’t start a fire without a lighter, it’s better to find out during a drill than when the real thing happens.

Second, an off-the-grid weekend is good for family bonding.

The family that preps together, stays together.

Prepping is often considered a loner activity, but it shouldn’t be.

Going at it alone is incredibly difficult, and mentally and physically dangerous in the long run.

Having family or close friends to go on the journey with you is important.

Some friends and family might not understand the prepper mentality.

They may not be fully on board, or not on board at all.

Getting the family together for a weekend is an opportunity to show them not only the benefits of prepping, but also how fun and adventurous it can be.

Overcoming adversity as a group brings the individual members closer together.

Finally, it’s good for mental clarity.

Unplugging from society is great for mental health.

It’s been scientifically proven that cell phone and tablet screens are addictive.

In fact, they’re designed to be that way.

Many bigwigs at tech firms severely restrict their own kids’ screen time, because they know the downside effects.

Finding likes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites provide a dopamine hit.

Conversely, getting negative responses—or even no responses at all—can cause stress.

It’s necessary to get away from social media feeds and endless smartphone apps.

While this is easier for generations older than millennials, kids can’t imagine a pre-internet world.

Getting away for a weekend is a great teaching tool.

A weekend without phone calls and emails isn’t the end of the world.

If the weekend goes well, try to make it a regular occurrence.

And each time, try to add new challenges and develop different skills.

This specific focus on predation will be nothing but helpful in the long run.

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